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(x-rated): Quinn, Lil’ Otter and I walked around to check out the vendors. Quinn bought a burrito that was too spicy which made her cry uncontrollably. Lil’ Otter and I pretended to be husband and wife and adopted Quinn as our make-believe daughter. He bought us a towel for later and we made comments about how grateful we were to have gotten a babysitter for our kids so we could finally have a night to ourselves.
Went thrift shopping for something sparkly so I could wear it at the hiker parade. Found a sarong and some pom poms. Score. The parade was surreal and full of love, freedom and glittered up hiker trash. We got squirted with water guns; noted to wear white t-shirts next year.
Contrary to what it might look like, I seem to experience overwhelm when surrounded by lots of people for an extended period of time. Most of my energy comes from meditation and taking a lot of space to be alone, hence why I am so drawn to the mountains. The trail community feels like an exception to be extroverted, for I am with those of my wild kind and many who also understand the freedom that solitude and silence can offer.
Night had fallen and the bonfire had risen. I told my friends I wanted to go dance with God so I ran towards the woods, just close enough to hear the drums and just far enough where no eyes could see me. I danced for myself, and a little bit for the moon. Big Island on my mind.
After some release, I walked back towards the fire and was stopped in my path to lock eyes with a tall, handsome black man. The fire made his six-pack glow with fervor while his curly hair exuded pastoral poetry. He wore American flag shorts which tightly outlined his bulge. I raised my eyebrow and smiled. He reflected one back. I told him I was making my way back to the fire to dance, suddenly unsure of my decision. He smirked, pulled me in by the waist and said, “I think the fire is right here…” He leaned in to kiss me and I opened my mouth for him. As our tongues danced, I released myself into him. I smiled and told him I would come back and find him, for I wanted Lil’ Otter to experience me first.
Once I found him, I kissed him and asked him to take me to bed, for I couldn’t be teased any longer. With a smile, he grabbed hold of my hand and walked me through the dark as we stepped over the knee high shrubbery and into his camp. He set up his foam pad under the hammock, placed the towel on top of it and whispered “perfect” which caused me to let out a laugh. Definitely my type of vibe: fully exposed in a public setting, dirt beneath us, the darkness inviting us to rely on the rest of our senses.
The tension we felt for the past few days, now being released on each other. His rough beard against my neck as he nibbled his way down to my breasts. We expressed our love and the beauty we perceived in one another. Groaning, melting, scratching… eventually, we were making love on the bare dirt. Sweaty and vulnerable, Coach walked in on me going down on him and casually sat next to us and watched. Impressed by his comfortability, I told him what a good job Lil’ Otter did in pleasing me.
Now extra turned on, I went back to the fire and found the American flag shorts man. Once I did, I tilted my head gently and with a soft voice said, “I want you to fuck me… right now.” Without hesitation, he guided me into his tent, right next to a group of his friends. In the dark he kissed me and whispered, “I saw you walking by earlier, pointed you out to my friends and told them you were the one I wanted.” I blushed. Holding his gaze, he made his way down to my pussy to have a taste. Within seconds, he was rock hard. He laid me on my stomach and slowly mounted me. Choking me with his biceps, I grasped on with my nails and enjoyed every inch of him hitting the depths of my walls. Something so hott about getting fucked by someone whose name I didn’t even know. 😈
On my way back to the car, I ran into Yogi. I kissed him on the cheek as he hugged me tight and invited me into his tent. How much easier would this have been if everyone just agreed to an orgy? 🙄😂 I find strong temptation to say yes to sexual invites, however I can tell when I’m having fun versus when I am trying to avoid feeling something. This was one of those instances where it was clear I needed to take some mental rest even though my body appeared to be craving more.
Before going to bed, I hung out at Noodles with Bunny and tuned into his presence. He had the physical build of an intimidating bear, yet was nothing short of calm and sweet. He didn’t try to impress anyone or entertain the crowd. He simply was there in the moment, experiencing the vibe and enjoying the connections beyond a space of physical touch. Inspired indirectly, I had faith in myself for the woman I desired to become.