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The same guys gave me a ride back to the trail so I could finish up the small section of the basin I had left. I fell asleep in the car since it was extremely early in the morning and I woke up to a white blizzard. I hesitatingly got out of the warm car and put on my rain jacket and rain pants, which barely provided insulation. I laughed once again at my attempts to avoid the snow.
Once I hiked to the HWY, I started to hitch toward Denver. I got picked up by two handsome hunters that were in their early twenties. They told me all about how they caught their own deer, elk and bear and the way they prepared it into food. They explained the variations of taste each animal held. I was super fascinated by their passion for hunting and asked them if it was easy to kill an animal. They both agreed that it has never become easy to look an animal in its eyes as it was passing on, however they gave gratitude to its body.
I got dropped off in Laramie where I hitched on the on-ramp that lead to Denver. I didn’t know whether I should go to Golden to spend the night at a friend’s place or head to the airport. I planned to fly back to Chicago in a couple of days since my Dad and I agreed it would be a fun idea to take my little brother on the CDT with me! We agreed to train him and buy him some gear for the trip. So, I handed the decision to Spirit and figured the Universe would let me know as it does.
The car that pulled over was a family of three. They all came out to make space in the car for me. The woman who approached me had silver dragonfly earrings that shone in the sun, immediately catching my eye. (Dragonflies are the sign of my spirit guide, Vadim, who passed on a few years ago.) She let me know that her family was on the way to the airport, so of course, it was clear that it was time for me to fly back to Chicago. The flight I picked happened to be scheduled 30 minutes before theirs. ❤️