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After several days of being home, my father expressed to me that he was uncomfortable with my little brother coming along with me on the CDT. He was worried about the Colorado thunderstorms, the passes we had to climb over and the fact we had to hitchhike into towns.
He admitted he felt as though he “lost” me since I veered down a much different path than he had planned for me and he was scared he would “lose” my little brother as well since he looked up to me the most.
It was a bit upsetting at first since I viewed myself as an experienced hiker and I figured this would be a great opportunity for my brother’s growth, however I understood his boundaries and where he was coming from. We agreed it would be a better idea to take him on the AT next year since it was a heavily trafficked trail and there were several exit points in case of an emergency.
The following day, my older brother mentioned he was headed to Kansas to do a 200 mile bike race. He planned to spend the weekend there so I asked if I could come with to get a breather and spend some quality time with him. It worked out perfectly because he needed me to watch his dog and be his support system during the race while I could day-hike and catch up on my website.
After I came home, my little brother and I set up a tent in the living room, mainly because I missed sleeping in one and a little bit because I wanted to try out the new gear. Felt antsy… it was time to hit the trail again. 👣 🏔🏕