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MM 1060.5: (x-rated) Hiked 10 miles to the HWY, hitched a ride into Salida and got a room at Browns Canyon Inn. Ate two medium pesto pizzas, a pint of fudge ice cream and still looked anorexic when I walked past the mirror.
When night fell, it sounded nice to spend some time in the jacuzzi, so I used my buff as a top, paired it with my undies and dipped in. The scent of fallen pine needles on the boardwalk and warm white Christmas lights surrounded me as my muscles soaked in appreciation.
I sat in solitude for about an hour until a couple of cuties walked through the side door of the hotel, laughing at some sort of joke between them. My interest peaked when I saw one of them had burnt umber hair down to his shoulders with a guitar in his hand and a cigarette hanging off his lips.
I asked if he played and he nodded his head, barely paying me any attention. I tilted my head and gently lifted my chest out of the water as I placed my elbows on the rim of the tub. I asked him to play for me. His name was Zach and his buddy, Victor, smiled and whispered amongst themselves as they took puffs of their cigarettes.
With hypnotic eyes, I submerged back into the water. “Join me”, I adjured. Zach said they desired to, but wanted to be gentlemen since they didn’t have swimsuits. I raised my eyebrow, let my hair down and said I didn’t either. I flirted, “I don’t mind if you go naked.” Zach said he would if I would, so I hopped out and without hesitation, undressed in front of them. Victor laughed in disbelief of what just unfolded.
We all hopped in and I scanned them with my eyes, longing to swap saliva with both of them. Zach said he loved my breasts, so I offered him to touch them. He eagerly swam towards me, cupped them in his hands and nibbled at my nipples as Victor watched and grabbed his phone. I told him he could take pictures if he wanted to… that it would turn me on if anything.
Zach pulled me towards the corner of the tub and kissed me madly as I began grinding my hips into him. I noticed Victor came off as really shy and nervous, yet he couldn’t take his eyes off of us. He eventually revealed that he really wanted to kiss me, but couldn’t because he was engaged.
Sensing his weakness for me, I pulled away from Zach and swam towards Victor. Emerging out of the water, I stood face to face with him. With water droplets running down my hard nipples, I slowly leaned in to kiss the side of his neck. I gently licked my way up to nibble his earlobe and let out a slight moan. I felt the goosebumps lift on his skin… he was under my control.
Zach came towards me, placed his fingers under my chin and turned my head towards him. Locking eyes with me, he says, “I want to fuck you right now.” I smiled and grabbed Victor’s hand, “The only way I’m getting fucked tonight is if I get both of you at the same time.” I stepped out of the tub, loosely wrapped the towel around my waist and left a trail of wet footprints that led into the hotel.
Zach laid on the bed as he watched the towel slip off my hips. I mounted him and kissed my way down to his cock as my fingernails dug into his abdomen. Victor wanted to join but felt conflicted, so he just watched… I knew he would break soon.
Begging to feel Zach inside of me, I bent over so he could fuck me from behind. The side of my face pushed into the pillow, he moved the hair out of my face so Victor could watch me moan. I held eye contact with him as he watched the way Zach degraded me.
He slapped my ass with primal aggression and I watched Victor start to feel himself up. I released a sinister smile and asked if I could help him out. He nodded and I vivaciously hopped over to his bed and placed my soaking wet mouth over his cock. He grew rock hard in my mouth and came within seconds. I felt my juicy cum drip down my inner thigh as I swallowed every drop of his warm, delicious load.
After our play, they convinced themselves I wasn’t real and that I must’ve been an alien that dropped in. They asked what room I was in so they could come visit me in the morning. I smiled, kissed them goodnight and went to finish my leftover pizza.