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Dave and I spent the day walking around the festival and checking out the vendors. We ate elk and rattlesnake sausages and had small talk with the island noodle guys.
We walked to the river and checked out the Hooligan show. The way I saw it was basically an event where a bunch of 20-40 year olds built a boat, got drunk and tried getting over the rapids while catching an envelope of money in hopes of the boat not falling to bits.
Near the end, it began pouring rain, so Dave and I ran through the festival grounds to find some cover. After 30 minutes of sitting under a roof, a black widow spider came down on its thread, almost landing on my shoulder. I took it as a sign it was time for me to go.
On the walk back to the hostel, I admired a local artist, who, amongst all the chaos and noise outside, worked on a masterpiece in the sanctuary of her own studio.
Late at night, Lucas snuck into my room and wanted to play again. I did, too, however I was on my moon and felt more called to eat pizza and take it easy. He knew how to tempt me, though… his French accent and the slow movement of his hands moving up my inner thigh. I moaned sweetly into his open mouth as he placed my hand over his hard bulge… He kissed my naked chest and I smiled. Still, I chose pizza. 😈