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Got picked up by a cutie named Michael who was in his late 30s and recently got out of prison. He told me stories about prison life and how his reality changed for the better when he got out. I brought up how I was excited for Naked Hiking Day and he asked if he could join me, so I said yes!
In the forecast, it showed rain the rest of the day, so he invited me to cruise along with him instead. He took me out for Mexican food and we split a giant plate of steak fajitas. Afterwards, we shopped for some silky burgundy sheets and scented candles for his new place. We went to explore some hiking trails off the beaten path and spotted a moose within the marshes.
When the late afternoon approached, I felt called to soak my muscles in a hot spring. We stopped at Cottonwood and when I asked one of the employees if I could be naked, she got really offended and defensive. I had the same perception arise at most of the hot springs in New Mexico. A few places allowed nudity, but they charged more and only allowed us to be in private rooms. Interesting to see how commercialized these places have become over the past few years and how “shameful” the human body has become for people. Made me appreciate places like Hawaii and Oregon a lot more.
We settled with Princeton because Michael mentioned they had natural hot springs in the river. He got us entry tickets, but we found out they closed off the section due to the water level being too high. So, we hung out in the hot pool instead. I personally did not vibe with the experience. It felt like a hot pool crammed with a bunch of drunk tourists. No part of it felt natural or wholesome. I have always preferred the experience of being in the woods beside a river, totally naked with a strong scent of sulphur arising within the steam.
After that experience, we drove a little down the mountain and ran around naked to get it out of our systems. Then, we drove to Buena Vista and went out for ice cream and dinner. While at dinner, we sat in front of a fireplace next to a really spunky couple. They were HILARIOUS. Their personalities were extremely outgoing and they kept talking over each other, as if they were playing a game of, “Who’s Louder?!” It was as if they had a sugar rush the whole time. Michael and I kept laughing and glancing at each other as we tried to keep up with their conversations (occurring simultaneously).
At the end of the night, Michael drove me through the Midland Railroad Tunnels that were built back in the 1800s. I stood up out of the window and was reminded of Hawaii nights when I hitched down the Red Road. We made it back to his cabin located outside of BV. It was surrounded by the scent of fallen pine needles and late night moisture collecting on the grass. When we got inside, I ate a hot pink sugar cookie on his bed and accidentally got crumbs all over his new sheets. We cuddled as the fall-scented candle put us to sleep.