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Today was Naked Hiking Day, otherwise known as the day I came ALIVE! Michael and I saw Shotgun walking on the side of the HWY so we offered her a ride up to Copper to catch up to her friends. I knew she was going to become one of my besties when she casually stripped down in the middle of a parking lot and ate an edible. We sprayed sunscreen on one another and parted ways; she headed north, Michael and I headed south.
The trail meandered through the Copper Mountain Ski area. We talked to the golfers, waved to the people on the ski lifts, and of course, the day hikers were my all time favorite. I loved giving them the perception as if I lacked awareness for not wearing clothes. I proceeded to have casual conversations as I watched them go from uncomfortable to confused to excited in a matter of seconds. At one point, we saw another hiker who got inspired by us so he dropped his pack and stripped down with us.
Later in the day, we drove around naked as I flashed my tits to thru-hiker boys and yelled, “GET NAKED!!!” Michael and I stopped at a gas station near Breck, stood in the middle of the parking lot butt ass naked and pretended to point at some billboards as if they advertised something interesting. When I got back in the car, there was a cute 20 year old sitting in the car next to us. I leaned out of my window as I exposed my breasts and told him how much I loooved his car. He blushed and stuttered out a thank you. I’ve never seen a guy do so many double takes as we pulled out of the parking lot. 😂
Overall, I had the most perfect hiking partner for the day as he enjoyed fucking around just as much as me! I loved that he had the same sense of humor and didn’t take nudity seriously. The whole day was centered towards making those around us smile and laugh! 😄