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(x-rated) MM 1215.8: I came to camp and felt sad that Naked Hiking Day was coming to an end. I told myself I only had to put my pants on. I got cozy in my tent, pulled out my prayer book and at that moment a handsome thru-hiker came down from the pass.
His name was Lemonhope. He had long and thick blonde, almost ginger, hair. Intuitive bright blue eyes, a full beard and a delicious body. I thought to myself how he just HAD to camp with me.
I asked if he wanted to share a cinnamon roll with me. Tenaciously, he sat in front of me. I unzipped my tent and laid on my side as I rested my head in my hand. He sparked my interest when he held eye contact with me the entire time, despite my breasts being fully exposed for him. He traded half of his s’mores pop tart with me and that’s when I knew he really liked me.
I told him he was more than welcome to camp with me and he jumped on the offer. While he was setting up his duplex, I brought out my sleeping bag for us to cuddle in next to the fire ring. We ate gummy bears and gummy worms… our faces only centimeters apart as we shared conversation and smiles. With my eyes, I daydreamed for a kiss.
I asked if I could spend the night with him in his tent… you know, to stay warm. He was more than delighted to have me, so I brought my stuff over. We cocooned in our individual sleeping bags and laid down beside each other… our eyes being the only thing exposed. I set up the scene for him to initiate a move… letting out gentle sighs, subconsciously imprinting into his mind that I was pleading for his touch. Fawning him with my eyes, he leaned in to kiss me. I smiled as I felt the roughness of his beard caress my cheeks… I weaved my fingers through his hair and pulled him closer.
I slid out of my sleeping bag and under his quilt. Grinding myself on his thigh, I was feening to get a taste of him. I mounted him and made my way down to his cock. And then, as he took his pants off, his cock slapped so loudly onto his stomach that I could not hide my jaw-dropping facial expression. It was the biggest cock I have ever seen.
I got super nervous and revealed a blush. All I could say was, “What the fuck. Did you know that you have a MONSTER cock?” 😅 He goes, “Yes, I was aware.” I felt intimidated, yet super excited to give him a try. I wrapped both of my hands around his shaft, my fingertips unable to meet. With drool hanging from the bottom of my lip to the tip of his dick, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and I could not even fit him in my mouth properly.
I straddled him and tried to relax as I slid him into my yoni. My eyes rolled back as I released a loud moan. All of a sudden, I didn’t need his quilt to keep me warm anymore… my body was fully heated from his dick filling me up. My eyes quickly turned fierce… I dug my nails into his neck and watched as I turned into a wild animal. His dick actually made me crazy.
I felt the head of his cock suctioning out my squirts onto his abdomen. He groaned in pleasure, flipped me over onto my back and mounted me as he took full dominant control. He slid his right leg toward his shoulder and penetrated me deeply, knowing exactly how to use it.
He flipped me over onto my stomach as he whispered into my ear asking if I wanted it deeper. Unable to keep my composure, I begged and pleaded, “Yes.” He thrusted as deep as he could and I felt him hit my g-spot… my body lost control, I started shaking in an overwhelm of pleasure. My toes curled as I grabbed the floor of his tent, raised my torso and pushed my ass into him. He pulled his cock out, I fell back down and tried to catch my breath as he released his cum all over my body. It shot up and over my head… soaked my entire ass… I could feel it running down my spine and down the crevices of my body. I felt I was melting along with it… I swear, I could come to the feeling of that alone. 🥵🤤
Out of breath himself, he dropped down beside me and we both knocked out. We were snuggled up so cozily the whole night that it was nearly impossible to get up in the morning. Still, I arose with a smile, feeling super excited to show off his cum in my hair the next morning. 😇