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I got off the CDT for a couple of weeks because my mom told me she broke her leg and begged me to replace her spot in the Lithuanian Polka Dance Festival. She said she would make me an unlimited amount of her famous homemade pancakes and any other Lithuanian meals I craved.
I felt overwhelmed as I thought it would interfere with my upcoming thru-hike of the JMT, but instead of jumping to conclusions, I took some space to meditate and felt where the guidance was taking me.
It was clear it felt lighter to go back and help her. The change of direction felt exciting, as if there was something I needed to learn through the experience. I also recognized how many times my mom had saved my ass in life when I felt I needed it so it was the least I could do.
Cool Trail Mom hosted me for the night and drove me to the Denver airport the following day. I arrived home and lo and behold, my mom changed the story to her foot being broken, not her leg… and THEN, I found it she simply sprained her pinky toe. Imagine that. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Regardless, I still felt called to fill in for her. By the second week of learning the practices, she was all healed up and able-bodied enough to do it herself, yet I grew fond of the experience and wanted to continue dancing.
Some highlights of being back home:
~Got to reunite with my close childhood friend who had an arriving flight back to Chicago the same time as me. (Talk about synchronicity 😉)
~Had a family reunion at the sushi place by our house.
~Mom touched up the red in my hair. She also had me touch up her roots and we were laughing our asses off because she said I would be a terrible hairstylist. I was stabbing her with the bristles of the brush and I had no idea it was hurting her until she yelled, “What the fuck are you doing to my scalp?! Can you use the brush properly?” And I go, “I’m using it how I use it when I paint!” And she yells, “My scalp is NOT a CANVAS!!!” 🤣
~Sang songs with my Dad as he played his accordion for us.
~Visited my close friend, Alex, who bartends at P.F. Chang’s!
~Spent quality time with mom as we went shopping for groceries and hair products. I grew to love and appreciate how much she enjoyed the experience of dressing up and fixing her make-up throughout the day. She adores being glamorous and views it as an expression of art, in the same way I view the naked face to be art. I smiled and thought to myself how her glamor would forever live in my heart. It’s how I would remember her for years to come… with glitter, peach lipstick and curls. 💞✨🌺