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Directly after the Lithuanian Polka Dance Festival performance, I went to change out of my wardrobe and got a ride to the airport. I flew to LAX, slept on the airport floor and hitched out early in the morning towards Lone Pine.
A woman pulled over when I was hitching in Mojave and was worried for my safety so she gave me some money. Shortly after, I got picked up by a sweet girl in her early 30s named Mochi. She was an avid mountain biker/rock climber and was driving around looking for places to climb. She used to invite people to join but they would always fall through on plans, so she just started adventuring alone. I could 100% relate. We agreed to meet up in the near future so she could teach me how to climb and I could teach her how to backpack through the wilderness! She dropped me off at my destination, hugged me and released me to my tramily so we could celebrate our reunion!
We all went out to eat, walked around town and later dowsed our clothing in bug spray over the balcony. We met the famous triple crowner, Matador, who came back to attempt the speed record on the PCT. He started in Mexico and arrived to Lone Pine in 16 days, but said the desert beat him up and burned him out. He mentioned a day when he stopped at a lake and felt he just wanted to relax and sleep in. He received the guidance that it was time for him to slow down, so he decided to do the Sierra section SOBO and call it quits.