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Rock Creek Camp to Tyndall Creek: Woke up at dawn to a plethora of tents surrounding me. Felt happy to be with my tramily. Did my urine therapy routine and took supplements to help ease the apparent effects of altitude. Mo, Funky and I filtered some water and started our ascent toward Bighorn Plateau.
About a mile into the climb, I saw a blanket of pinecones, so I figured it would be a great spot to take a break. Mo enjoyed a cup of joe on a down tree while I starfished on top of the cones to re-ground.
I continued on and caught up with CTM. She got really excited to walk upon a dead tree that had a big hole in it, so she put her face in it. We laughed and agreed how we all become really weird on trail, probably due to a lack of oxygen and having no moral compass on how we “should” behave. Also, being in the middle of the wilderness, we inevitably lose our inhibitions and generally stop giving a fuck.
We saw incredible views of Mount Whitney and it was undeniable that the West Coast had my heart. We took several breaks, ate snacks and joked about how funny it was that we decided to have a reunion by doing another thru-hike rather than going on a relaxing vacation to drink piña coladas and sunbathe. 🤣