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Middle Fork Kings River to Evolution Lake: Today was Funky Chicken’s birthday! We celebrated the beginning of her twenties by summiting Muir Pass! There were still some patches of snow during the climb so it was fun to watch my tramily get a taste of the experience. We surprised Funky by singing happy birthday as she walked into the hut. Afterwards, we lifted her up in our arms for a celebratory tramily photo.
On the way down, I spent a lot of time hitting on all the cute thru-hiker boys. I forgot to bring my lip balm so I used Mo’s, unbeknownst to me that it turned my lips a shade of blinding white.
As I stopped to filter water with my tramily, I saw a handsome guy making his way down toward us. His name was Peter and he chose the JMT as his first thru-hike. He looked like a young version of Russell Brand. He had a nose ring, brown eyes that pierced my soul and an air of charm about him. Though only 23, I found his presence to be exotic and beyond one that I’ve experienced.
We chatted at the lake outlet as he asked what trails I have hiked. Bubbly goes, “What trails HASN’T she hiked?” Great wing-woman. Once I shared a few, he was super inspired and wanted to get to know me more, as I did him. Near the end of our conversing, I gave him a sticker and told him to reach out to me. I reassured him that my lips weren’t normally this white.
Lucky for me, I saw him chatting with Machine at Evolution Lake a couple hours later. We planned to camp there for the night so we invited him to join, mentioning how everyone we met wanted to camp with us because we’re “fun as fuck.” He couldn’t argue with that and fell into our persuasions. I suggested he camp next to me on the grass oasis, enough space for two. He smiled and began to make his way over to me.
As Bubbly was getting herself situated, she got an explosive bloody nose. I got excited and started taking pictures. For one, it was adorable, and for two, I found a lot of beauty in blood. It looked like artistic crimson splatters all over her skin. After the photo session, I ran into the lake to wet some towelettes to help her get cleaned up.
The sun still high in the sky, and I still dirty with sweat, decided to remove all of my clothes and go for a dip. I ran past Peter as he broke out a smile. I turned around and yelled, “You coming?!”
Removing his sage green shirt, he revealed his lean, well-defined muscles and faded tattoos of falling stars on his milky white shoulders. He had dark brown curly hair tied back in a bun, previously hidden by his hood. When he released it, the tips of his locks were accented with a golden hue. I thought to myself, He is a dreaaam!!!
He dove in and swam toward the island. The short time we were in the water, we continuously snuck glances at one another. I got cold and decided to get out, so I climbed up the rock wall as I gave him an exposed view of myself from behind.
Celeb came to visit us and we did our polka dance routine to see if he recalled the choreography. We busted out in immense laughter once we nailed it on the first go. Later on, we sat across from each other and opened up about our relationship experiences. I told him how I didn’t see myself seriously dating anyone until I was in my late 30s, early 40s. It was a vision I have received for quite a while now; that the one for me will show up later in life. In the meantime, I felt called to have fun and learn about what I desire in a romantic relationship.
We all had dinner together in a big circle and shared stories, food and laughter. Peter donated some ghee for my pasta. I cooked it al dente and it came out looking like a pale clump of mush. I was ecstatic. I passed it around the circle and only two guys took a bite out of kindness. They said, “Mm yes very good,” but their facial expressions revealed they desperately wanted to spit it out.
The tramily went to look at the full moon while I invited Peter to come on a walk with me. We meandered down a side trail and sat beside the river which featured a cascading waterfall. The moonlight casted a romantic glow upon our youthful skin. We talked about our journeys in life, present and future. He was a musician
and a trail crew leader, inspired to start thru-hiking long distance trails in the near future.
He talked a lot, while I was completely distracted by how juicy his lips looked when he spoke. I scooted closer, leaning into his presence… feeling his breath upon mine… smiling and looking down at his lips and then eyes and then lips again. He got the signal and leaned in to kiss me softly with the sound of rushing water beside us. I was falling for him the way the water was taking a leap of faith over the cliff.
We made love on the rock right beside the waterfall. I happened to be in the beginning phases of my moon cycle, so blood got everywhere. All over him, all over the rocks, all over my skin. I thought it was so magical and sacred. He, however, did not. 🤣 After experiencing many lovers who ate me out during my moon and saw the divine essence in my blood shedding, it has become difficult to settle with those who are nervous or intimidated by it.