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VVR to Bridge Creek: Got all packed up to get a ferry ride out of VVR and back on trail. I forgot something at the cabin and walked upon Bubbly furiously peeing beside the stairs. With a toothbrush hanging from her mouth, she shouts, “Hey, friend!” Hiker trash at its finest.

As we waited for our shuttle ride, I became mesmerized by watching the way BD played the guitar. My eyes followed the movement of his fingers as they danced between the strings… my heart followed. To me, he was like the Charlie Chaplin of the music industry. He did everything on his own. He wrote his own music, played the guitar, sang the songs and recorded everything to turn it into the final product.

From pure inspiration, I kissed him. He says, “God, you’re driving me crazy.” I blushed and said, “You’re telling me.” He adored the way I looked in my hiker clothes with the dirt between my toes. As I received that reflection, I knew I was with the right person. Nothing could compare to the feeling of being loved and appreciated for who I was.

Our shuttle driver picked us up and dropped us off at the lake. In the distance, I watched the blur of a family swimming within the reflective glistens and I thought to myself I’m in love. It felt so wholesome to watch the joyousness of people experiencing the simple gifts that nature provided us.

The ferry arrived and could only fit four people, so a few of us made a trip to the trail while the rest of us stayed behind and waited. As we loitered, we got offered to take a joy ride on the hydro bike. It was a first time experience for me and it felt exactly what I thought riding a bike on water would feel like!

We made it back to the trail and started our ascent up Silver Pass. The clouds started to roll in, so it didn’t feel as if we were walking in the heat of the day. On the descent, it started raining on us so we called it a day and set up camp.

I laid in the tent with BD as he kissed me. I could tell he was falling in love… or maybe it was me. He removed an eyelash that rested upon my cheek and told me to make a wish. I blew it off his finger and he asked what I wished for. I said, “I want to tell you, but it won’t come true if I do. What I will say is that I prayed for something similar to endless joy and happiness.” He smiled and says, “It’s one thing to be beautiful. It’s another thing to be beautiful of your mind.”

He said he’s never fallen for someone so hard and so fast, that he hasn’t even tripped over a rock so fast. Upon meeting me, he felt I was too cool for him. Funny how people often have mutual feelings about one another. I told him I felt the same way about him and how nervous I felt when I saw him. It seemed I couldn’t hold a conversation because the whole time I was focused on how gorgeous he was, which caused me to go a bit stupid.

He pondered in a long silence and said I was making him think crazy things. Breaking out of a further reserve, he continues, “If you’re not the one, then at least you’ve shown me what I’m looking for.” My breath deepened. He asked if I freaked him out, in which I admitted I was scared. He felt the same.

Regardless, he expressed that he wanted to spend as much time with me as possible… he didn’t want to part ways. His demeanor expressed sadness. I kissed him softly and he said, “Let’s not think about it.”