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Meadow in Yosemite Wilderness to Tenaya Lake: Woke up early and walked alongside the meadow. We lounged around in Tuolumne Meadows for a couple of hours as we ate ice cream and chips. BD and I shared headphones as we switched between our favorite hiking songs. He showed me “Weight of Love” by The Black Keys while I showed him “Bad Touch” by Bloodhound Gang.

We summited Cathedral Pass which was challenging since we had a food coma and were climbing in the heat of the day. We called it Fucker Hill #2. Bubbly had BD and I take a photo together at the top. He placed his hand on my lower back and bent me backwards as I broke out into a state of laughter. This man knew all the finest ways to seduce me.

We took a snack break and BD showed me how to use a map and compass. CTM and I shared girl talk. Despite her headstrong disposition, she had a sensitive and motherly way about her. Since day one I felt safe and comfortable opening up about my feelings in her presence.

Mo was not feeling too hot so we set up camp early. We found a spot overlooking the distant mountains and shared our last dinner together. CTM made the tramily a camp cocktail as a celebration for being a day away from completing the JMT!

Mellow and sleepy, BD and I went to lay in the tent. We shared a smile and he whispers, “My favorite is when we’re in the tent and the sun has set… you’re not wearing a hat or your glasses… the moonlight is gleaming upon your face and it feels like I’m getting to see ‘Goda’ in her purest form.”

I held a prayer for BD: As the end of our journey is approaching, I hold nothing but gratitude for you. Mahalo nui loa for all the laughter we shared. Mahalo for the light you brought into my life. You were the closest vision to what I was looking for. Both of us weren’t used to being so vulnerable, yet still we let our guards down for each other. We watched each other grow as we stepped out of our comfort zones. Mahalo for sharing your smile with me. Mahalo for your gentleness… for being so delicate in the way you loved me. I appreciate you taking the time to learn the ways I desired to be cherished. Mahalo for catching my tears… for giving me space to express my fears and dreams with you. Mahalo for catching the weight of my thoughts. You were a once in a lifetime love and I will never forget you.