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Today, I drove out to Alyeska and hiked the North Ridge Trail. It switchbacked underneath the tram, went up the Stairway to Heaven and ended at the restaurant.

I found a spot at the top that overlooked the town and settled myself into the dirt. With the sound of the wind as my muse, I went into a state of meditation. I realized how much I have emotionally grown in the last 6 months. I felt proud that I learned to speak up for my boundaries, even if it appeared crazy to those around me. I remembered that I was only talking to myself, therefore there was no one to impress, satisfy or even manipulate.

I also prayed for compassion within my own mind. I asked Spirit to help me speak to those in front of me with kindness and gentleness, for the way I treated them was the way I treated myself in thought. I took a deep breath and let my prayers fuse into the mountains.