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(X-rated) Today, I decided to summit Wolverine Peak. Got offered raspberries on the way up! I thought a lot about Marc André Leclerc when I looked at the views of Denali. His energy has been in my field quite often this summer, inspiring me to stay strong in trying circumstances.

Along the ridge line, I met a cutie coming down the pass named Dylan. He seemed very proper and mature, yet I sensed something sinister in him.

We got to talking and he mentioned how it was his life long dream to thru hike the PCT. Inspired, he wanted to know everything about my journey, so he asked me out for dinner. I was flying to Chicago at midnight, so we agreed on burgers after I tagged the summit.

I loved how every pass that I hiked up physically made my jaw drop in disbelief. The views were expansive and humbling. I felt as though God put it there just for me. I sat between the jagged rocks and tuned into the sound of the creeks rushing far below me.

When I made it down, Dylan took me out to a local place called Tommy’s Burger Stop. He asked me the typical questions about long-distance hiking and, as usual, I was absolutely stoked to share anything I could.

He noticed my dirt covered legs and asked if I wanted to take a shower at his place. I smiled and said, “I like being dirty.” He replied, “Good. That’s how I like it, too.” Afterwards, I decided I wanted Subway cookies. He gladly took me there and the cookies were just the way I liked them: barely cooked. I put them on the dashboard so they could heat up in the sun. “You have no idea what you’re in for,” I said. As soon as they melted, I fed him a piece and his eyes rolled back and he goes, “I had no idea they could be this good.”

Then, he took me to a place where we sat in his car and watched planes land in the water. It felt like a drive-in movie! He says, “I would love to take you on my plane, but there might not be enough time.” My eyes grew big with excitement, “There is always enough time. Let’s do it! Pleaaase take me on your plane!”

So we drove to his place. I made myself at home as I walked around, checking out all the fun little knick knacks he had. I studied the books on his shelf as he got the headsets. His dog looked really sad when we left.

When we arrived to the airway, my legs got shaky and my heart rate went up. I was excited, but I had never done anything like that before so the nervousness was strong! It didn’t help when he told me the plane was pretty much an antique since it was built in 1946. I felt like the Wright brothers.

He got the plane set up while I enjoyed how flirtatious he was with his movements. He stood behind me to help me on the plane, nearly pressing himself into me… his eyes revealing that he wanted to play. When he got inside he started playing with all the switches and talking on his headset. It was super sexy to see his expertise in that field because none of it made any sense to me.

He got on the runway and gently started picking up the speed to fly us over Anchorage. I couldn’t believe how surreal it was. I felt as though we were in a flying car! I yelled, “How is this even real?! It’s like a dream!” And then I remembered, Oh right! It IS a dream!

He flew us over Wolverine Pass and pointed out where we first met. I told him I was going to have some pretty high standards for a first date after this experience. I felt absolutely spoiled with romance and mountain views. My heart was his.

When we landed I told him how much that experience turned me on. I whispered into his ear, “Have you ever fucked anyone on this plane?” He smiled and said no, so I asked if I could be lucky enough to be his first.

He felt nervous of being in the middle of the parking lot with people around. I, on the other hand, was immensely excited. He leaned in for a kiss and I received him. I moaned sweetly at the divine placement of his hands throughout my body.

I removed my shorts, sucked on his fingers… his lips became wet and I moved his hand down to my pussy. Kissing at his neck, he slipped his fingers inside of me and said he couldn’t believe how wet I was.

We both watched the movement of his finger sliding in and out… deeper and deeper until I felt the pressure build up as I squirted all over his seats. I blushed and said, “Hope you don’t mind your seats getting wet…” He smiled and said he didn’t mind at all… I loved feeling how rock hard he was for me the moment we started to play… made me so excited.

He moaned in enjoyment… when he pulled his fingers out, they were drenched with my cum all over his knuckles. He didn’t last long when I mounted him right after.