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I came to the point where I felt uncomfortable staying in a fancy hotel for an entire week, so I woke up at 5am and decided to hitch a ride from Moab back to the CDT.

I immediately got picked up by a cutie named Kyle. During the ride, I found out he was a forest ranger officer. He was super attractive. Tatted up, muscular, full beard. I begged him to show me his badge. Along with it, he lifted up his shirt to reveal the gun tucked into his pants. The way his six pack looked with a gun pressed upon it made the heat rise up my body. I instantly blushed and he said I was really smiley. Yup, I could not hide the fact that I was majorly turned on.

He stopped to drop me off on an on-ramp and said, “Maybe I’ll see you again. I can wear my uniform for you and take you for a ride in my truck. I’ll give you an experience of what it’s like riding with the Law Enforcement.” He took out his handcuffs, grabbed my inner thigh and continues, “It doesn’t bother me to put people in their place.” I fanned myself as my body had a full blown orgasmic reaction.

MMM, I WISH I could share it for you guys, but since it was a well-known area, I’d prefer to keep it to myself. But let me tell you, he looked FINE. I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was obvious we would have fucked but the scenario wasn’t right. When I roleplayed, I wanted the whole scene. I wanted the cop car, the cuffs, the uniform, the gadgets, the dominance and spontaneity. I wanted all of it, otherwise it just wasn’t that exciting to me.

Afterwards, I got picked up by a truck driver named Ricardo. We had a language barrier and I fell asleep. He ended up driving all the way to Denver because he said it was a shortcut. I needed to get to Big Sandy Lodge in Wyoming, so it added an extra five hours. I didn’t mind. I wasn’t in a rush and I got some awesome food out of it. We also switched to his Prius, so I got to drive it all the way to Wyoming!