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MM 1998: Last night, I lazily hung my food bag on the highest branch of a tree I could reach and woke up to it smack dab on the ground. Proof that there would be no way I would hear a bear in my camp.

I spent the morning walking under the starlight. My feet were soaked wet with muddy swamp water for several hours, but I didn’t mind because I got to see geysers for the first time in my life! I had never even seen a photo before!

I felt an insatiable desire for french toast today and made it my mission to get it. I hiked 16.6 miles into Old Faithful Village and made it 20 minutes before they closed the breakfast buffet at the Snow Lodge. Their special?French fucking toast.

I walked down the red carpet, set my pack down and grabbed two large plates. I devoured an ungodly amount of french toast with a full stack of bacon and scrambled eggs on the side. I made two more rounds. I was moaning and using hand gestures as I expressed the orgasm my mouth was having. I cried from happiness and my server asked if she could capture the joy I experienced through a picture.

Overall, I was super impressed by how the employees catered to the hikers. They were so enthralled by our journey; it seemed as if we were kings and queens to them. It felt super sweet to feel so loved in such a high end place—especially one aimed for tourism—and for them to go above and beyond for the hikers was so appreciated. They let us lounge around, gave us water and let us spread our gear to dry in front of the lodge. We were invited to go full hiker trash mode and they loved every moment. We respectfully kept our shoes on for the sanity of their guests.

To top it off, I made some new thru-hiker friends who were headed NOBO! They invited me to their table to have a cup of coffee. We had the same camp spot reserved at Summit Lake, so I left in the early afternoon and told them I’d meet them there.

Once I made it to camp, I took my clothes off and walked to the edge of the lake where I washed the dirt off my body. Feeing refreshed, I sunbathed on a log and listened to the waves as I ate my cookie butter in ponder. Afterwards, I got in my tent and knocked out at 5pm. I slept for almost 12 hours!