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MM 2611.4: Saw Mr. Fab early in the morning, haven’t seen him since trail days in Silver City! Later on, I met a guy named Kansas Express who was in the middle of his Calendar Year Triple Crown! He said my bag was too big for a thru-hiker. I noticed a lot of people on trail concerned themselves with the size of my bag.
Shortly after meeting him, I saw a sign in the middle of the dirt road that read, “Trail magic in the white van,” with an arrow pointed to the right. I could not whip the smile off my face. I thought it was funny how as kids we were taught not to speak to strangers, and under NO circumstances, do NOT accept candy from people in white vans. And then as a thru-hiker, I’m like don’t mind if I fucking do. I get so hungry that I risk the chance of being murdered.
The trail magic was from a current year CDT hiker named Guru who simply wanted to give some love to his fellow thru-hikers! Last time I saw him was also at trail days. He gave me a cream soda and cooked me up a hot grilled cheese sandwich. After chatting for about an hour, I continued on. At the end of the day I stumbled upon even MORE trail magic!! There was a red cooler full of cold pop!! Great way to end the day.