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MM 2837.5: Surprised myself with a 6am start this morning, which was really late for me. It was difficult to get out of my cozy tent, yet once I got moving, I ended up walking more miles than yesterday.
Walked up on Quadzilla around noon. I was so excited to see him since the last time we connected in person was last year on the coast. We sat on top of a hill beside the trail and caught up. He offered me a micro dose of acid. Then, he pulled out a family size pack of Oreos; I asked him to lick the frosting off for me. I rested my leg upon his, grazing my fingernails on his inner thigh… told him how much I missed him. He had a girl now so we had to be on our best behavior… it was absolutely torturous. He showed me the love scars I left on him from last year. Work of art, I thought.
He was in the middle of completing the CYTC, so we parted ways after about an hour. Saying goodbye to him reminded me of the way we separated on the Oregon coast. He went north, I went south. This year, I headed north while he headed south.
The rest of the day consisted of a lot of bushwhacking. The bushes were up to my waist; I found it nice at first, as it felt like going through nature’s car wash, however it soon started to feel raw on my open wounds.