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Today, I started hitching towards the Wild West. I got picked up by an older gentlemen named Riley. He knew the area well and gave me a tour during our time together. He was a history buff, passionate about America and keeping the Constitution alive. He would randomly yell questions such as, “What happened on February 18th of 1854?!” And I would freeze up because I felt as though I was getting a pop quiz at school. He would get genuinely upset any time I didn’t know the answer, making me feel stupid by saying something such as, “How do you NOT know what happened on the Tuesday of November 10, 1796??” Near the end of the ride, I was just laughing. When he dropped me off, he told me to always follow God’s guidance for He would never steer me wrong. I put my hands in prayer and thanked him.
I made it to Salt Lake and hung out with the man I met at Red Eagle Campground in Glacier, Jim! I took a bath, did laundry and then we went out to eat. Afterwards, we stopped at Crumbl Cookies for dessert. I got a sugar rush and experienced a laugh attack. When we made it home, we hung out in his kitchen before heading to bed. He asked if I had ever had frozen grapes before and I said no. I proposed he feed them to me as though I was a Goddess. I ended up having another laugh attack.
We ended the night by making love during my moon… one of the most magical feelings. I loved being with a man much older than me… his rough skin pressing against my soft body… the sharpness of his beard brushing against my cheeks. Always made me feel so loved and adored.