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(X-rated) I partook in conversation with a couple of older gentlemen as we ate our continental breakfast. They used to be cross-country hitchhikers, themselves. Their eyes lit up with joy as they shared stories and memories of their time on the road.
After I ate, I got a ride to Winnemucca and was dropped off at a gas station. As I went to throw out some trash, a man in a cowboy hat took notice to me and asked where I was going. I said, “California!” He asked if I ever rode in a horse trailer before. I said no, but that it would be fun to give it a shot!
He was headed straight to Cali. We talked for about an hour, getting to know each other. Then, I got sleepy, so he let me crash out on his bed. He was a gentleman and threw a bunch of heavy blankets over me so I would be cozy, however I woke up to him tracing his fingertips on my lower back. I told him I didn’t feel comfortable with him doing that. He apologized and respectfully backed off.
After I fully awoke, he expressed, “I’ve thought about the way you live and the adventures you’ve experienced. You’ve become my favorite person in the world. The one with the biggest balls.” He gifted me some leather that he cut up while I was asleep with a note written on it: I LOVE WHO YOU ARE!!
I made it to South Lake and the first thing I did was walk to the lake so I could put my feet in the sand. As I was walking, I saw a couple sitting at the picnic table taking in the view. An aura of deep connection radiated off of them. Naturally, we got to talking and I sat down beside them. Their names were Mimi and Poppi. They were celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary.
She told me I was her alternate ego and asked to take a photo with me. She welcomed me into her home any time I was passing through. Right before I left, she told me I was now her adopted daughter. Tears welled up in my eyes. I often felt that God placed Angels disguised as people along my path. She felt like a confirmation of why this lifestyle was so important to me. On a daily basis, I felt so welcomed by apparent strangers and the land I stepped on. I felt so at home when I hopped out of a car and into a new place. Some places just had my heart… areas that I felt energetically connected to. South Lake Tahoe and the Oregon Coast were definitely one of the places I re-visited often.
My main inspiration today was to go to Nevada Beach, another huge power spot for me. I got offered a ride as I was walking the highway and the guy dropped me off directly at the beach. I only hung out momentarily because the wind was striking cold. It felt as though there was a storm coming in, so I decided to go get food.
As I was walking on the sidewalk, I saw a cute guy in the distance setting up his hammock. At first I thought he was setting up a slack line, so I watched in curiosity. We exchanged a smile. He asked how my day was as he was tightening the straps around the pine tree. I had to yell my response since we were pretty far apart, so figured I would just hop the small wooden fence and come down to him.
He continued setting up his space while I made myself at home. I loved how nonchalant he was in my presence. So calm, confident and dominant. I never thought I’d have the thought, Whyyyy do I keep attracting hot guys?! so often.
He offered me mushies and so we micro-dosed. He sat at the wooden picnic table with me, observed me and told me how he found everything about me really attractive. I loved that he felt no fear making a move on me, he just knew the way I liked to be spoken to.
He said I could camp with him for the night… that there was plenty of space. He offered to cook me sausages over the fire and feed me any extra food to help my calorie intake. How could I say no?!
He was watching me watching him chop wood. I get so turned on watching men do that. It was like live porn for me. There was something so primal about it—I associated it with safety/protection. He would chop the wood with his bare hands… his hands rough with calluses… his palms dirty, the shade of charcoal. I found him so handsome. He appeared like a wolf. Dark features, grey strands intermixed in his thick burnt umber hair, mid forties.
We sat beside the crackling fire. Fadedly, a live band was singing “Wagon Wheel” in the background. Entranced by the flames, he told me he was married to a woman and had a one year old daughter with her. He continued, “Monogamy has been hard, but when you have children you try to do the right thing.” Shortly after that, he asked if he could put his arm around me. I felt as though all of us in this apparent world were seeking love in one way or another… wanting to be heard, seen, felt. I scooted closer into him and rested my head upon his shoulder. Less than a couple of minutes later, he leaned in to kiss me.
I was fascinated by how quickly I found dudes’ minds to change around me. He grabbed my breasts underneath my shirt. I moaned to the slight touch of his hands upon my skin—my nipples grew erect.
He took his hammock down and transformed it into a cowboy camp. He removed his shirt for me to find the sexiest tattoos strewn across his body. Drool fell from my bottom lip. He had me lay down and fingered me to the point of shaking… to the point begging for his cock. He fucked me from behind and unloaded his hot cum deep into my pussy.