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Hung out at the Tahoe Valley Campground. The camp hosts gave thru-hikers an entire space to recharge their electronics along with a kitchen setup and a giant hiker box! They were also happy to offer free showers and coffee for the hikers! Blessed for such people and spaces.
Went to Earnie’s Coffee Shop in Tahoe and a couple walked up to me and told me they were trail angels. They asked if I needed anything at all. God bless people. Spirit could not make it any more obvious that this was how I desired to live. At this point, it became funny to me how I even questioned it.
I felt like hitching to the coast, so I started walking down the road with my thumb out and a couple of young Thai girls picked me up. They were doing a work-for-travel deal and had currently been in the U.S. for about a month. They were on a road trip headed directly toward the 101, around 7 hours away. They said they picked me up because they only saw hitchhikers in movies and thought, Why not?
When I made it to the coast, I was walking beside the road when a guy came up to me in a state of panic. He expressed that he just lost $1,000 worth of 100 dollar bills. He opened his wallet and the wind had blown it out. He asked if I could let him know if I saw any and so I did! I found $200. I loved the random moments that popped up through my days.
Then, I got a ride from a traveling nurse and her best friend. She was very sporadic while she drove. At one point, she stopped on the side of the highway to take photos of some pink flowers freshly blooming.
I saw around 4-5 octopus symbols within 20 minutes apart. The symbols that Spirit communicated to me always appeared to show up tenfold when I felt I was following my heart.
Yesterday, one of my rides asked me if I ever walked the Golden Gate Bridge. I had never been, so today I decided to visit. I never looked at photos of places beforehand, so I was surprised when I saw that the Golden Gate Bridge was not golden! I had a great time, regardless. It rained and I talked to people along the walk. I even got to witness a rainbow!
I hitched from the vista point, which was one of the worst places I could have hitched from. It was mostly tourists, so they appeared very confused as to what I was doing. But, as soon as I saw a hippie van, I knew all was well! A cute girl perked her head out of it and asked where I was headed. I said, “To the forest!” Her and her boyfriend gave me a ride to a trailhead where I stealth camped for the night. I fell asleep to an owl howling beside me. An owl symbolized intuition, independent thinking and observant listening.