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I got picked up by a man named Antonio. He asked if he could come with me to the coast because he wanted to live like me. I said I appreciated it, but no. Then, he proceeded to ask if I wanted him to get us a hotel room to have some fun and that he would give me a lot of money. I told him I strictly wanted to hitchhike in order to hike some trails. He dropped me off at his exit, gave me $20 and apologized for assuming I was a prostitute. I told him it was okay and that there were no hard feelings.
I actually loved being in the car with people that assumed I was a prostitute because it taught me to soften my gaze and release the judgements I held about them. Could I look into their eyes and look at them as my brother instead of a predator? The answer was always yes because they were coming out of my own mind. How fun!
A high schoool math teacher picked me up and dropped me off in Windsor. Next car that stopped asked if I smoked weed or drank alcohol. I said no and he proceeded to ask if I wanted to get a room and pay me for some fun. Haha! Guess it was in the air that I was a prostitute today. When I said no, he drove off.
I realized how much money just didn’t motivate me anymore. For one, I couldn’t sleep with people I wasn’t attracted to. And for two, even if I was, it wasn’t much of a turn on for me to be “paid” for sexual services. I experimented with that in the past and lost the sense of love I had for sexual play when it was done for money.
Met a guy who went by the nickname Piperat Thegatesofdawn. He had a playful, silly-like energy about him. He took me out for breakfast at Adels because I was craving french toast. When was I NOT craving french toast?! Turned out he had a buddy who lived on the Big Island whom he visited quite often. As we parted, he said he had work to do and I said, “Same here, gotta work to keep my thumb up!” He laughed, gave me some Grateful Dead stickers and said he would see me in Hawaii!
A handsome black man picked me up. He commented on how good I looked, then drove me through the redwoods. I did find him very attractive as well, however I felt pretty overwhelmed being in the same area I got apparently raped last year. I held strong energetic memories to places that made a big impact on me and it seemed there were still lingering thoughts at play that came back to hook me. However, when I separated the experience from the place, it helped clear out any stagnant energy I was holding and I was able to associate the redwoods as a sanctuary of peace again.
Got picked up by a hippy chick who offered me her home for the night. I told her I would have loved to spend the night however I was meeting up with a friend in Arcata. She then offered me her other home in Coos Bay to crash in for the night and openly gave me the address. God bless humans.
Got picked up by an older gentleman. He wore a wedding ring on each ring finger—said it brought in blessings and prosperity. During the drive, he gave me a ring off his finger along with two one-dollar-each rings, a half dollar bill and a brand new quarter for prosperity.
Within an hour into the drive, he told me he was schizophrenic. He started sharing stuff that I didn’t think he intended to say out loud. He would often laugh and blurt out stuff like, “Psht, I’m not gonna kiss her. I mean, I want to, but no. I can’t have these desires!” Then, he proceeded to tell me that he watched a girl go surfing on the coast while he masturbated in his car. He said people were getting mad at him but he didn’t see the problem because he wasn’t doing it to have a full orgasm. I had several eye twitches occur during that moment. In general, he was harmless and drove me out of his way by almost four hours and dropped me off at my destination and left.
Goose surprised me at Cafe Mokka and we were so happy to see one another!!! We chatted with another fellow hitchhiker in the cafe. The moment I relaxed more into this lifestyle, the more I started to meet people of my kind. I felt very alone at first, but I even met a guy named TreeHouse who had also been living on the road for almost 10 years! I got to meet him in Pinedale, WY for a short period of time. I was super elevated by his way of living.
Goose and I felt impelled to get a room for the night. We made love in the shower as a celebration of our reuniting. Midway into playtime, we started laughing and kissing each other under the shower head. Our eyes watered in happiness as we expressed how much we loved each other. Then, we made love in the bed, still wet from the shower. He spit in my mouth and I told him to spit on my face. He came inside me right at that moment.
Afterwards, we got a juicy burger at the pizza and deli place, then walked over to Safeway. I got overly excited about Safeway, as I normally did. He said it was the most bland, generic store and that he had never seen someone get so excited about it. I go, “They have BAKED GOODS and it’s cozy!” He said it was because it was owned by Mormons who tried to make it feel like home so that they could suck people into their religion.
I got us doughnuts, popcorn, cookies and cupcakes. We handed out most of the cupcakes to the employees at the Arcata Hotel. I loved how Goose and I made friends with everyone wherever we went. We made it back to the room with our snacks and attempted to watch the movie Stardust, however I had a laugh attack during the whole movie so not much watching got done. Then, we watched Friends and I fell asleep.