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Got breakfast with Goose at T’s Cafe North. The french toast was so phenomenal that we went in the back to give compliments to the chef! He was super shy and felt uncomfortable from the attention.
I loved how loved I felt around Goose. It was so easy for us to help uplift each other, to be free and support each other’s journeys in life—regardless of what we found ourselves doing. While at the restaurant, I saw how confident he was when he told the waitress that we both lived out of our backpacks. I felt a deep sense of freedom come over me. He taught me how to be confident, how to express my boundaries in a healthy way… he reminded me of how to love myself.
When we got back to the hotel, we started getting dressed. He was sitting by the mirror, whilst I was putting on a shirt in the background. We gave each other compliments and danced in front of the mirror. We put our packs on and Goose walked me to the on-ramp. He gave me a kiss and an “I love you.” We parted ways for the year.
First guy that picked me up was a sexy 23 year old who had a wife. He asked if I was single and I said yes. He was really flirtatious, his voice sultry. We expressed our attraction for one another. I asked if he wanted to make out, so he pulled over and we ended up fucking in his backseat. He came after a couple thrusts.
Got picked up by a construction worker who got road rage from all the tourists looking at a herd of 30+ elk on the 101. He started honking obnoxiously and I took it as a sign that it wasn’t the best time to ask if we could stop so I could take a picture of the elk.
Got picked up by a Grateful Dead couple that appeared to be in their 70s. They said they got married just a couple of years ago. I asked how they met and she said, “I was flying a kite on the coast and he approached me. The day we met was the day we both knew we would be getting married.” Her husband channeled the most divine poetry that he could recite from the top of his head, or should I say, from the depths of his heart. She says to her husband, “Do your patriotism one that I Iove so much.” He smiled and recited it for us. All of his poems were connected to God’s Word. He says, “Usually, I wake up from a dream and write them down.”
I started hitching again. It was around 5:30pm; normally my cutoff time was 5pm. Several meth heads and drunk guys stopped to offer me a ride. I chose to wait.
Goose linked me up with his friend, Mo’o, who offered to host me at his home in Reedsport. Such a great guy. He picked me up and took me grocery shopping. He bought me french toast!!! Something about being in his presence made me so giddy. I felt so at home… welcomed by open arms.
He went to work on his motorcycle while I hung out in his space and journaled. I wore his sweater while my laundry was being washed. After it was done, he folded everything as we watched Letterkenny and It’s Always Sunny. I felt so loved and so taken care of. He even fed me a bunch of ice cream!!! AND, he also ate it with a fork!! Our tummies full and content, we cuddled each other to sleep.