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Oliver woke up early with me and made us some hazelnut coffee. The air was crisp and the wildlife around us was still sound asleep. I ate a lemon poppyseed cookie to start my day. As Oliver was driving me back to the trail, he told me I was nuttier than a fruit cake.
I started walking and I thought to myself how Oregon had a specific energy and scent. Each state had one. I felt that if someone were to blindfold me and drop me off in the middle of a certain forest I had hiked through, I would be able to tell where I was at.
Did a big mileage day today and felt so tired by mid-afternoon. I could feel my feet swelling from all the road walking. The first car I saw, I hitched a ride to cut off a few miles. They were perplexed as to what I was doing because they never saw people in that area. They were a couple, scoping out familiar hunting spots. They let me hop in the trunk, gave me some ice cold water and a cheese stick. The girl sitting in the passenger seat was named Krystal—a beautiful redhead. She wrote down her number and told me to come visit them if I were to ever be passing through again. She also asked me to message her and make sure I got it to the coast safely.
They dropped me off beside a dirt road junction and I decided to take a short break as I ate my cheese stick. I ended up passing out from being so tired. I got woken up by a construction truck that drove by. They were picking up the construction signs that happened to be right beside me. Hopping out of the truck, they asked, “You good??” I had drool on my face. I was laying on my stomach with my feet on my backpack and my face in the dirt. I must’ve looked dead. Apparently I was out for a good hour.
I kept walking and found a little spot tucked away beside the road with a sign that read: NO TRESPASSING. I just couldn’t resist a flat site with grass and some picnic tables, so I decided to camp there. There was a garden beside me that looked well-kept; other than that, it looked abandoned as the picnic tables were falling apart, the grass was overgrown and the bricks of the fireplace were crumbling to pieces.