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I made it to the coast super early after night hiking. I stopped to look at the stars and thought to myself how this was going to be my last night on trail… my last night looking at the stars… for the meantime. I felt a sort of melancholy interspersed with contentment for another adventurous time on trail. Seems to get better every year.
It felt so good to touch the coast again—reminisced about my time with Quadzilla. Felt grateful for having such a lovely friend in my life.
Hung out at the library. A woman at the store gave me a bunch of free stuff to give to my friend, Gina. She gave me a paper bag and told me to walk around the store and pick whatever I wanted—necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. She told me to pick out stuff for myself as well! On top of that, she gifted me a bunch of stickers along with a brand new T-shirt that she thought I would like because of how soft it felt.
Afterwards, I hitched to Gina’s and a bus stopped to give me a ride and I was like, “It’s really sweet that you stopped, but I feel called to hitchhike.” He said I didn’t have to pay, he just wanted to help me out.
He dropped me off a few miles down. I got out and a friend who I hadn’t met yet messaged me and said he saw me hitchhiking. He said he went to turn around, however by the time he made it back I was already getting on the bus. I told him to come back and hang out with me on the coast!
His name was Juno and he was a super heart warming person. He had kind eyes, was very knowledgeable and his presence soft. He had a big dog who required a lot of attention. We sat on a boulder overlooking the coast—the waves glimmered like crystals—a woman was making mandalas in the sand.
We talked about our joys in life, what we were struggling with and what we have learned during our time here on this earth. Before parting ways, he gifted me a baby starfish that he found on the coast and my heart melted in gratitude. I named him Henry.