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Today, I allowed myself to sleep to full capacity. I woke up refreshed, my tent surprisingly dry. I opened my tent to the sight of the Oregon trees encompassing me. I felt a great sense of comfort and peace.
I had plans to meet up with someone in Portland, however my guidance was asking me spend more time on the coast.
I felt very introverted this morning and just wanted to listen to the waves crashing into the sand. I sat down in the sand and leaned my back against a washed up log. I watched as the rolling clouds shifted into clear skies. The tide started making its way in. An older couple walked along the beach while the birds flew around the boulders. It made me happy to see people of all ages picking treasures off the sand. Someone’s dog visited me, eventually digging a hole in the sand to lay down beside me.
It felt so healing to not speak and instead listen to what was being taught in front of me. The ocean reminded me that everything came and went. The birds reminded me of the lightness and freedom I had within my heart. The people reminded me of kindness, gentleness and the way a smile could heal.
After I felt still in my mind again, it was time to meet my Wisdom Dialogues friend, Indigo. She just bought a new car and was in the process of picking it up, so she told me to meet her at the peoples’ house she was picking it up from.
I hitched my way up to Washington and hung out with the girls before she showed up. They were a spunky couple who lived in a hippy home. Fairy garden with a treehouse and a black and white kitty cat. They showed me their dog—and attempting to socialize with them—I told them I had a starfish in my bag named Henry. They thanked the Universe for getting to cross paths with me. I thanked the Universe for the same.
I got to meet Indigo who was as vibrant as I knew she would be. It felt as though we had reunited even though we had never met in the physical during this lifetime. I drove her new car home as she drove her other one behind me. When we made it home, I saw images of dragonflies and ACIM quotes written throughout her home. Her space felt calm, quiet and energetically clear.
We spent our nights eating cinnamon rolls and listening to “Wisdom Dialogues with Hope Johnson.” 100% my definition of a perfect night.