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My first ever fashion show was a HUGE success! I definitely broke out into tears from stress, happiness, feeling lost, feeling grateful–you name it!

It felt as though I was the new girl and everyone knew what they were doing and I was trying to figure everything out without looking like an amateur. I felt overwhelmed and frustrated, however my models helped comfort me through the tears.

It was also a very stressful environment for my mind, because it didn’t feel natural for me to tell people what to do and play a “leadership” role. I’m normally extremely introverted and keep to myself, so it was definitely a challenge to raise my voice. But, overall, I felt incredibly blessed!

The director and coordinator wanted me to headline and come back next year. As soon as it came to be my turn to display my art on the runway, I felt myself go into a state of flow… as if I just knew what I had to do. Looking forward to showcasing at the next one!