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(X-rated) March 18 2023, Fontana Hilton to Mollies Ridge Shelter: Checkmate came over and watched me get ready. I changed in front of him and lathered my naked body with CBD oil. He asked, “Why are you torturing me? You’re such a dominatrix.” I laughed at how often I got mistaken for a dominatrix, when in fact, I was the complete opposite.
We got dropped off at the Fontana Hilton and said our goodbyes to Amy. It was so cold outside that Amy suggested I change out of my shorts and into my leggings, instead. So, I dropped my pants in front of everyone and Amy stood in front of me to create a blockage. Pink goes, “Oh, is she naked?” Amy nodded yes. Pink goes, “I already saw her naked!” I laughed, “Yep, and you already touched my boobs, too! Well, actually, just one boob.” He goes, “Yeah, you only offered me one boob.” Amy laughed out loud and said, “You guys are a trip.”
We officially entered the Smokies today. A few miles in, I ran into a super sexy Ridgerunner named Dylan. He had dark features, a wide smile and eyes that pierced me. I wanted to ask him if I would get in trouble for not having a permit. I mean, I had one, but a little role play didn’t hurt anyone.
As I hiked up higher in elevation, I got to witness frost and ice layered throughout the branches and leaves. The wind blew sprinkles of frost onto me, mimicking the effect of snow. I eventually ran into Pusher during the climb and greeted him with a hug. I said, “It’s going to be sooo cold, tonight! Means we’ll be having a cuddle puddle!”
We were shivering from the drop in temperature by the time we made it to Mollies Shelter. We quickly removed our sweaty clothes and put on our base layers and down jackets.
Checkmate and I laid down next to each other in the shelter. Condensation formed as he exhaled, “I’ve never been so cold in my life. I’m rethinking my whole life choices.” I laughed, “I thought it would be warmer by this time of year.” Then Pusher reminded me that it was technically still winter. I commented, “Why the FUCK did we decide to hike this section in the winter?!”
I had one out of numerous laugh attacks, just for the current situation we found ourselves in. I laughed so hysterically at our apparent misery that I was sure everyone in the shelter thought I was on something. I, on the other hand, noticed how much I had grown in the past few years of hiking. If I had been in the same situation back in 2019, I guaranteed I would have been crying. What a gift it was to recognize it was all funny, because nothing in the perception was really true, nor was anything really happening. It was only images passing through on the screen of consciousness. It was never personal for there was no one out there who was having a “personal” experience.
Pusher was adamant about getting a fire started, despite the wood being wet. He tried 5-6 times until he finally got one going. He ate his dinner and once 5pm hit, he came to join us in the shelter. It was too cold to be outside so everyone got into their sleeping bags really early. Those of us who were already in our beds were shivering as we tried to keep warm.
Pusher laid his mat beside me; I asked what degree sleeping bag he had. He said 0; Checkmate’s was a 32. I looked at Checkmate and said, “I’m cuddling with Pusher, tonight!”
Pusher zipped himself up into a cocoon and I looked at him in a way that suggested, Are you gonna let me come in your sleeping bag or what? He just started laughing out loud and I flirted, “Did you think I was kidding when I said I wanted to cuddle you?” Totally amused, he said, “Of course not.” He unzipped it halfway. I smiled and looked him in the eyes as I unzipped mine all the way. He laughed again, then followed my guidance by unzipping his bag all the way.
He handed me his winter gloves since he noticed I didn’t have any (I had lost mine prior going into the Smokies). I quickly joined him on his inflated mat and went under his sleeping bag. I threw my sleeping bag on top of his and squealed in excitement for having a cuddle buddy for the night. I immediately placed my knee on top of his groin—you know, for extra warmth. I wrapped the rest of my body around him to get myself a bit more comfortable. I caught him smiling.
He unzipped his jacket so I could put my hands under his ribs to keep warm. Since I had an accordion mattress, he deflated his thermarest to be more at my level. We went under the covers… face to face… breathing deeply—almost nervously, as though we knew our first kiss was on the horizon.
We started caressing each other—gently grazing our fingertips on each other… forming goosebumps… the hair on our skin lifting. I took his gloves off and placed my right hand around his neck. Pulling at his hair, I brought his face closer to mine. With my knee, I teased pressure into his bulge.
I slowly led my hand down the back of his neck… releasing my nails… scratching his chest all the way down to his lower abdomen. I gently tugged at the rim of his boxer briefs as his pubic hair briskly slipped underneath my fingernails. I rotated my hips into him, pleading him with my body to come closer.
He released his breath into my mouth as I inhaled it—I was brought back to tantric memories as we built the tension with our breathing over the course of 45 minutes. I felt we had stopped the world from spinning in the space that was him and I. Through the pitch black darkness we danced our way through intuitive guided movements… our lips now less than a speck of dust apart.
I could feel my body go into heat—my pussy now throbbing for him. I rubbed my clit on his bulge… feeling the precum leaking through his briefs… the scent of our cum mixing through our underwear felt intoxicating.
He touched my clit over my spandex panties ever so gently… teasing me…holding me hostage through his touch. My legs shook uncontrollably. I begged him to press harder, but he knew that the lighter he touched me, the crazier it drove me. He wasn’t falling for my whimpering tricks. He would only press harder when people in the shelter would rustle around, as it would take away from the noises we were making. I got so excited any time someone rolled around on their loud mat, because he would immediately cover my mouth and stick his fingers halfway into my pussy. I let out some accidental moans and said, “Good thing it’s soundproof under here.” He goes, “It’s most definitely not soundproof. We’re being loud as fuck.”
My panties were completely drenched after a couple of hours of him teasing me. I felt desperate for his fingers to be fully inside of me. Anytime I tried to sneak my own hands down there, he would firmly move them out of the way and pin them above my head—said I wasn’t allowed to cheat. My inner thighs soaked with sweat—I could feel my cum dripping down between my cheeks. I felt so aroused it seemed as though I could wring the cum out of my panties. I whimpered, “Why are you torturing me?” He replied, “Because I know how bad you want it.” He wrapped his fingers around my neck, gripped and sinisterly whispered, “And because I can.” I raised my hips into the air and moaned.
I begged to taste him, but he said no—said there would be no way he could keep quiet. Disregarded, I collected spit into my fingers and went straight for his cock… teasingly playing with his tip. I grabbed as much precum as I could and licked my fingers for a taste… sliding them down the back of my throat… drooling. I still wanted it done my way, so I made my way down to his cock for the full experience.
We were now fully heated under the covers, more so wet from the condensation we formed. I went down on him, feeling him grow in my mouth… enjoying the sweet taste of his cock. The sleeping bag was making a lot noise as I bobbed my head up and down, wetting him with my spit. Now teasing him, I smirked and laid back down beside him. He joked, “Uh-huh… I see what you had in mind. You said you wanted to keep warm tonight, but really you just wanted to get a taste of me.” I blushed, “Nooo, I really did want to cuddle for warmth, I just happened to find you really attractive, too.”
We fell asleep to the crackling sound of the fire in the stone brick wall keeping our toes warm. The chill of the wind found any possible crevice to slip in through, so we pulled each other closer. Our beanies pulled down over our eyes, our neck buffs pulled up over our nose—by far the coldest night I had experienced on trail so far.