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(X-rated) April 3 2023, Indian Grave Gap to Clyde Smith Shelter:
After a few miles of hiking, we walked upon a family on the ridge line who invited us to warm up by their fire. They made us breakfast burritos, tea and offered us any extra food if we felt we needed it.
I offered the adults one of my stickers that I used to advertise my business. I could tell his 14 year old son wanted one, too, yet I stopped myself and said, “I want to give your son a sticker, however I do have adult content on my site.”
He said, “He knows how to make the right choices for himself. He’s going to see that shit regardless. Hiding stuff from him will only make him want to do it more and that is exactly how addiction starts.” His viewpoint on raising kids was a breath of fresh air. I couldn’t agree more on his statement.
After filling our bellies up with food, we climbed up Unaka Mountain. We fell in love with the moss covered trees and all the shades of bright green hues scattered about—thought to myself how it would go well with the rope he carried. My baby had the same idea.
We dropped our packs right beside the trail and I asked, “How do you want me?”
He got the rope and started to untangle it while he looked for the center.
Undressing me with his eyes, he said, “Take your shorts off.”
He had me face a tree and hug it as I put my wrists together. A few people walked by and snuck some glances while he began to slither the rope around my body.
One guy laughed, “Hope you have fuuun!”
I flirted, “Mm, I most definitely will.”
He slid the rope between my pussy lips and I moaned. Slowly, I started rubbing myself on it… getting off with each stroke.
He goes, “If any southbound slack-packers have a problem with me tying you up, I’ll tell them to turn around and hike north.”
My pussy was so sore from him spoiling me with his cock everyday—I told him I really did need a break, regardless of my mind begging for him. He choked me and said it took everything he had not to fuck me right then and there, so instead, he slapped me around extra hard to release his energy.
At the end of the day, we were looking forward to having the shelter to ourselves—I desperately wanted him to tie me up to the wooden poles, however there were people already there.
Before heading to bed, I let Voodoo know I’d be hitching north out of Damascus to do some “hopscotch connecting the dots” as I did. I had a vision of how I would like to connect the trail for the easiest way to get to AT Trail Days at the end of May.
I could sense the energy shift and the sadness in the air. He started making joke jabs about me cheating and I voiced, “I’m coming back where I left off, I just like to connect the trail in a different way than most.”
He continued to make jabs and I whispered, “You talking shit isn’t going to make me change my mind.”
He goes, “I know. I’m just talking shit because I’m going to miss you.”
I could tell how badly he wanted to make sure we wouldn’t lose our connection on trail and I reassured him through energy that it was going to be okay whichever way it went. The feeling was altogether mutual; often a part of me that experienced immense difficulty “leaving” a close lover behind. However, as God had shown me time and time again—if it was meant for me to be with someone, our paths would cross again until there would be no more lessons for us to learn.