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(X-rated) April 13 2023, Low Gap to Abingdon Gap Shelter:
Trail Angel Shep came to pick Voodoo and I up from Boots Off. I met him at trail days last year and he offered us a ride to Low Gap. Before he drove us there, we made a pit stop at a hostel he was in the process of getting built for future hikers.
While there, his friends/family brought homemade food that they made. We did a prayer of gratitude then got in line as we piled heaps of it onto our plates and enjoyed several more rounds. There were chips and salsa, chicken/beef tacos and a variety of pies for dessert. We filled our bellies up like balloons!
During the drive to the gap, Voodoo attempted to make plans to meet back up with me on trail for when I came back from New Mexico.
I chuckled and said, “I’m experiencing a lot of anxiety from all the questions about planning.”
My mind really didn’t work that way. I made plans with people, however I never took them to be serious. I knew that my mind could change in an instant and I didn’t want to give Voodoo something that he would hold onto only to be disappointed if I didn’t follow through. Last year, I had plans and even a permit to hike the PCT again. Then, a couple of days prior to leaving, the inspiration guided me to hike the CDT, instead. I needed the freedom to be able to change my mind without receiving projected guilt for it.
Shep looked at Voodoo and teased, “I’m not planning, I just need to know exactly what we’re doing and where we’re going to be for the next three weeks!”
He dropped us off at the gap and we expressed gratitude for the trail magic that him and his family so generously provided us. We put on our packs and started walking up the hill. The climb felt tough after slackpacking and all the zeroes we had taken.
10 feet into the climb, we realized we didn’t have any water. So, I checked the map to see where the next water source would be. It said 2 miles. Less than 20 feet into the climb, I realized I had to poop. I thought it was a fart, but I accidentally pooped myself a little bit, instead. I threw my pack off, ran into the woods and released some explosive diarrhea.
After I cleaned up, we continued walking and not even a minute later, Voodoo cursed, “Holy Shit! I have to throw up.”
I laughed and he probed, “Do you realize we’re hiking in the heat of the day?” He pointed to the sky and shouted, “Look at the sun! It is DIRECTLY above us!”
He broke out in sweat and while I started laughing my ass off.
“Okay, let’s just stop and take a break,” I suggested.
I laid out my switchback so he could take a nap and let the food digest.
“How far is the water now?” he asked.
“1.8,” I said as I busted out laughing.
It was humorous the way we entered back into the woods like a bunch of rookies, apparently unable to handle the simple requirements of surviving.
He rested for a couple of hours while I took some time to write. I watched as he fell into a deep slumber. I loved how perfect he appeared to me—the way his hair looked so wild, yet fell in all the right places. A small strand whisped airily in the wind just above his eyebrow. His eyes gentle, his lips soft, he appeared so calm in that moment. I tuned into the delicate rhythm of his breath on my thigh while the warmth of the sun caressed us into a heavenly calmness.
I asked every hiker that passed by if they had any spare water they could give him. Altogether, he received nearly 2L and slowly began to feel better. Then, we continued the two miles to the water source and french kissed at the stream while we listened to some trance music.
Afterwards, we walked by McQueens Knob Shelter and I asked, “Baby, I want to continue on to the next shelter, but can you please tie me up here? Only for ten minutes?”
He was happy to satisfy my apparent need. We dropped our packs and I did a happy dance while he got the ropes prepared. I got inside the shelter, sat on my heels and lifted my arms up while he tied my wrists to the wooden rod above me.
Then, he brought the rope underneath my pussy and lifted the cord so that it would make a thong-like effect in between my slit; the cord slipping deeper in between my lips each time I forced my hands down. I began rubbing my clit back and forth against the rope, moaning while doing so. I saw his cock growing in his shorts with each slithering motion of the rope gliding against my body. He whipped his cock out of his shorts to show me how thick and hard he was for me.
“This is all for you,” he said.
A couple of people walked by and he told me to bend over so he could whip me with the ends of the ropes.
“But baby, it’s going to hurt,” I shuddered.
“I know. Now bend over,” he demanded.
He bit my nipples and it hurt so much, but the sounds of my whimpers only made him bite harder. I loved being in a public setting. I got off on the adrenaline of people walking by. We almost fucked, but decided not to since I was on my moon cycle and didn’t have anything that would clean up the blood. So, he made me throat fuck his cock before we packed up and continued on.
When we got to Abingdon Gap Shelter, Voodoo and I hung out with some hikers at the picnic table. He started talking about his ex-girlfriends again, more-so talking shit about them. I felt extremely short-tempered and experienced a lot of intense energy in my realm.
I rolled my eyes and snapped, “Dude, that is seriously a huge red flag when you talk shit about your exes. It just shows me that you would do the same about me.”
I honestly felt that was one of the reasons I felt so much resistance in opening my heart up for Voodoo. I had once mentioned how I would still express gratitude and speak highly of him even if we parted ways. He said he wouldn’t do the same for me, in fact, he said it would be quite the opposite. To me, that was just a slap in the face—and not the kind that turned me on.
He commented on how I was showing quite a bit of attitude today. Then, we wrestled it out by the picnic table, making silly karate moves. He threw me over his shoulders, ran me into the woods and kissed me.
We got settled into his hammock and then a random guy approached us and asked Voodoo if he left his food bag hanging in the shelter. He left it there on purpose, yet the guy brought it back since he assumed Voodoo left it by accident.
The guy asked, “Is there any other food in your bag that we should worry about?”
It was clear the guy felt uncomfortable with the idea that mice or bears would get it. Voodoo went off on the guy after he left, making fun of him for being scared of bears. I laughed about it, too, and then quickly let it go.
I said, “It’s okay. It’s mostly everyone’s first thru-hike and the majority of people are worried about all sorts of things.”
Voodoo had a way of saying he was over a situation that triggered him, but then would bring it up over and over again, looking for me to react with him. The experience had already left my head. I would be in the moment with him, just thinking about how beautiful he appeared. I would be thinking about how I wanted him to kiss him and gaze into my eyes, but instead he would bring up the situation again. After about the fifth time of him playing it out, I rolled my eyes and went to bed. I felt annoyed at how oblivious men appeared to be, sometimes. I just wanted someone to be there with me, focused on the moment rather than in story mode about shit that didn’t matter.