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(X-rated) April 17 2023, Laurel Creek Shelter to Four Pines Hostel:
Last night, Carla reached out to me and asked if I still wanted to do laundry and take a shower at her place. She said she already planned on offering it to me when she realized I wasn’t a threat. I happily took her up on the offer and hiked out before dawn so I could make it to her place by the early morning.
Her house happened to be right off the trail, so I walked right in like she directed. First thing I saw was a dragonfly decor hook on her wall to confirm I was on the right path. She greeted me with a hug and introduced me to her two kids, then offered me a cup of hot coffee along with any food I desired. Then, I took a hot shower and got my laundry situated.
Carla and I got to talking and she expressed how she just recently came out of a 10 year relationship. Her ex thru-hiked the AT twice barefoot and apparently lost his mind after doing mushrooms everyday for 8 months straight. She realized he lost his mind when he started hitting her and the kids.
Her daughter showed me her room, let me hold her bearded dragon and even gave me a selenite crystal to cleanse any negative energy. Then, we walked around their farm and they showed me their ducks, turkeys and chicks along with a speckled bunny named Glitter Diamond Shimmer Shine Zebra.
Once I was all taken care of, I gave gratitude to Carla and continued to walk to Four Pines Hostel via the road. I had noticed I actually grew to love road walks over the years. It used to be something I loathed, but now it made me reminisce about the good times on the CDT.
Nutz surprised me by dropping Voodoo off at the hostel. I was double surprised when he came in with a puppy named Charlie. I didn’t take to dogs much, so I felt indifferent when I saw him.
I facepalmed and said, “Voodoo, what the fuck.”
He goes, “You hate my dog. I can see it in your face.”
“No, I don’t hate dogs. I’m just a cat person,” I said.
Dogs would emit a certain scent I didn’t resonate with. I also didn’t vibe with the way they slobbered on me. Voodoo had also bought a ticket to come visit me in Hawaii, so when I let him know there were no dogs allowed in my community, he decided to leave Charlie with Sprocket, one of the shuttle drivers.
I was extremely excited to reconnect with Voodoo. We covered each other in kisses and loving gestures. He said rumors had gotten around on trail that I was being stalked by him. He heard I wanted to hike alone, so I ran away from him and now apparently he was following me. I laughed at how gossipy this trail appeared to be—reminded me of high school. I told him that wasn’t the case at all. Yes, it was true that I wanted to hike alone, but I never felt as if he was stalking me.
We went outside and I sat on the bench and watched as he chain smoked some cigarettes. I stood up, french kissed him and begged him to take me right now. He rolled his eyes in a way that suggested I needed to control my urges.
“You just smoked three cigarettes in front of me,” I said, “How do you expect me not to feel like I need you to fuck me right now?”
Pleading for his cock, I walked us back inside as we didn’t think anyone was there. Then, we started making out on the couch, grinding on each other.
In sync, we both said, “I missed you.”
As we were about to fuck, a guy suddenly came out of the bathroom and caught us in action. We turned around and made eye contact with him and all three of us bursted out laughing.
He says, “Let me know if you guys need anything videotaped or any kind of camera action. I don’t give two fucks—y’all are just having some fun and I would love to capture that for you two!”
I was all for it, but Voodoo was not.
When the guy went back to his bunk, I whispered to Voodoo, “I need your cock right now,” I ran my fingertips upon the heat of his bulge and asked, “How long are you gonna make me wait?”
He told me to follow him on a walk so we could scope out an area. We took one look at the exposed grassy hill, then looked back at the crowd of hikers sitting just below it.
The owner, Diana, saw the dilemma in our faces and said, “Okay, I’m just gonna make this as blunt as possible to the couple over here,” she made direct eye contact with us and continued, “we have a boom boom room that you guys can use to fuck.”
My eyes grew big and I beamed, “Oh my god, how did you know?!”
“Honey,” she says, “it’s written all over your face. Now, follow me.”
I blushed. I seriously loved the recent hostel owners and how understanding they were of our sex drives. She led us down to the room and told us to go down the hallway, down the stairs and take a left into the bedroom.
Immediately, Voodoo and I ran down there and hopped under the covers. I laid my down jacket below my tush so we wouldn’t get any blood on the bed. I watched his eyes dilate to 80% as he slid his thick cock inside of me inch by inch.
The pleasure so good, I closed my eyes to feel into it.
He shook his head in disapproval and said, “Uh-uh. I don’t think so,” then grabbed my face and growled, “Fucking look at me when I’m fucking you.”
I always obeyed. He thrusted so deep—I could feel my pussy enveloping his rod, inviting him into my realm. I wanted to hold onto that feeling forever.
“That will teach you to run away from me,” he said.
I missed the way he handled me, the way he dominated me and was so in control. He always wanted to make sure I was enjoying the experience, making sure I was getting off to the fullest extent. I told him I never had anyone fuck me the way he did. He came inside of me the second I voiced that.
“Give it to me, baby,” I moaned as I felt his cum shoot into the depths of my yoni.
I loved watching him look at my face as he came. Nothing was hotter than that.
After we finished and cleaned up, we went back outside to hang out with the hikers.
Nutz teased, “Y’all got it out of your systems?”
I sat down on the bench with Nutz and he initiated a conversation about my lifestyle and my blog. He heard about me via the trail and slipped in a comment about how he, himself, was a sex addict. I thought it was sweet when people used the word “addict” to describe themselves or me. I never took the “addict” vibe to be serious. The only addiction in this world was the addiction to thinking.
Then, he told me to fuck the people who apparently hated on me. It also wasn’t really the attitude I desired to take on, but I knew what he meant. In the end, I simply preferred to be around people that appreciated my presence.
Later at night, I fell asleep on Voodoo’s lap on the couch in the middle of the hostel. I woke up to him watching me in appreciation while he gently caressed my hair. His eyes grew teary. I asked what he was thinking about.
“Oh, you know,” he said, “just thinking about you.”
“Are you sad?” I asked.
“I’ve just been really developing feelings for you, especially after spending all this time together with you,” he expressed, “I feel like we’ve shared so much laughter. And I know you told me from day one that you didn’t want to make anything of this, but I just can’t help it.”
A tear rolled down his face. He said he never experienced the feeling of love other than for his Grandma.
“Then what is this feeling that we’ve been experiencing?” I asked.
“I don’t know what to think of it,” he said, “it’s like I want to know you more and sometimes, I feel like I understand you, but then other days I feel as though I’m so far apart from you,” he paused and continued, “I just wish I had someone to share my life with.”
“You’ll find her,” I said, “but it’s not me.”
I brought my voice down to a soft tone and said, “Trust me, you don’t want to be with me.”
He said, “You don’t want to be with me.”
I said, “No, really. You think you want me, but you don’t.”
“You don’t think I can handle you,” he said, awaiting my confirmation.
“That’s part of it,” I voiced.
“I feel like I’m not good enough for you,” he said, “and I feel like I’ll never be good enough for you.”
I laughed and said, “You are perfect and you are enough.”
“I’m just happy you didn’t run away from me just yet,” he said, “that you didn’t get sick of me like most people do.”
“They’re missing out if they don’t see how amazing you are.”
“I just want to know you more but I feel like you just prefer to be alone at this point.”
I nodded my head to confirm that was correct. I didn’t want to be serious anymore.
I started feeling him up and he said, “I want to satisfy you more. I want to satisfy your soul, not just your body.”
I could feel how much he wanted me to claim him. I did, too, in a certain sense, however I knew that we were just in a honeymoon phase. It would fizzle out sooner or later and then all the red flags would appear in my vision tenfold.
I didn’t want to think about the feelings that were coming up and so I disguised them with the distraction of physical pleasure. I looked at him in his eyes and started to finger myself under the sleeping bag in the middle of a room full of people. He locked eyes with me so strongly, knowing how much I was getting myself off. He would let out a sneaky smirk anytime someone walked directly by us. I loved doing things that only him and I knew were happening. That secret kind of flirting that was only shared between him and I.
Slowly, I made my way down to his cock to tease him with my tongue. As I got his tip wet, he blushed and said there was an entire van of people that were about to come back from a shuttle ride.
I moaned, “Mm, I know.”
“They’re about to walk right in,” he said.
“Mm, I hope they do,” I said as I added pressure to my clit.
We heard everyone rustling out of the vehicle and walking towards the door.
“Here they cooome,” he said.
I smiled and leered, “Here I cooome.”
Before going to bed, Diana brought in some homemade pumpkin bread for the hikers. I felt pretty centered with my attention on Voodoo to the point where I didn’t really notice anyone around us. People kept teasing us as they walked by and asked when the wedding date was.
We made love on the couch a couple of times before falling asleep and I busted out laughing after we finished. I laughed because we were always so loud, but thought we were so quiet—we only realized after we orgasmed that it wasn’t the case.