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April 19-20, 2023:
Huck El Berry, a guy who also lived in Hawaii, generously offered me a ride from Memphis all the way to New Mexico. He said he would pick me up wherever I got dropped off. So, I asked Miguel if he could leave me at the Starbucks in Arlington first thing in the morning.
While there, I met an Indian man who seemed to be a regular—everyone was excited to see him and greeted him with hugs.
He grabbed my attention with a wave and said, “I noticed you’re a really cheerful person.”
“I just happen to be really happy right now,” I said.
He looked at my backpack and asked, “What is the purpose for living the way you do? What was the initial motivation to change your life?”
“I just felt like it,” I said, “it felt inspiring, so I moved in that direction. I also just got sick and tired of living a certain way, so I opened my mind up to something new.”
His name was Sarat and he was also living off the beaten path in his own way. We talked about the importance of intuition and following one’s heart. We both grew up with certain conditioned religious beliefs and over time began to question things, eventually finding our own path to God.
He gave me a hug before he left and said, “Don’t forget to feed yourself—with Spirit.”
Then, he left me a handwritten note which read, Wishing you a happy journey forever!
Afterwards, I walked outside to get some fresh air and saw a fellow hitchhiker with a dog making their way down from the HWY.
“Are you a hitchhiker?!” I asked.
“Yeah!” he responded.
“Ay, so am I!” I said.
He was blown away by how the Universe worked and the way it connected our paths. He asked if I wanted to sit down and talk stories with him outside in the sun. I said yes! I loved when apparent strangers weren’t afraid to talk to me. It was another reason I felt so drawn to the older folk, too. It seemed they appreciated the natural ways of being—face to face communication rather than over a screen.
Huck El Berry rolled up shortly after. I greeted him with “aloha” and a long forgotten hug. I gave the hitchhiker a banana that one of my rides had gifted me and gave him a hug goodbye. Then, Huck El Berry and I started our journey all the way to New Mexico!
I really resonated with Huck El Berry’s energy. The moment I looked into his eyes, I could tell he was a genuinely chill guy. He was one of the most respectful men I had been around and he never once made me feel uncomfortable at any moment, which felt super wholesome after years of dudes trying to touch/hit on me while hitchhiking. I could be as I was without feeling I had to filter myself. He respected my space as if I was his sister. In my life experience, to feel a sense of safety/comfort in the presence of a man felt like a blessing. It was a message to myself of what kind of people existed and of whom I wanted to relate with.
The first night, we stopped at his brother Leigh’s house. He hadn’t seen him in four years! They shared a long hug with one another, then Huck El Berry introduced me to him and his wife, Emma. I thanked them for trusting me into their home for the night.
“A friend of my brother’s is family to me,” Leigh said.
Him and his wife had bought us some delicious pizza to eat, so we all took some slices and went outside on the balcony. We enjoyed and partook in conversations about God and Spirituality. Leigh was very into Christianity and following the teachings of the Bible.
He says, “Our only mission here on this earth is to love.”
Amen. We were only here to guide our brothers and sisters home. Any other reason we had about being in this apparent world was made up as a distraction to keep ourselves from seeing what was True.
They gave us two separate guest rooms to sleep in. I positioned myself onto the carpet floor and worked on some writing before going to bed. The environment felt so cozy and the energy of their home felt full of love and safety.
I got a good night’s rest and we headed out early the next morning after drinking a cup of coffee. While we were on the road, we listened to several different radio stations and talked about our time in Hawaii. But, most of the drive, we basked in complete silence. I truly appreciated when people were capable of enjoying the quietude rather than attempting to fill every space with words. He was the same as me, in that we both preferred to only speak if it felt the conversation carried meaning and came from the heart.
I felt at home being on the road and entering the rugged states of Texas and New Mexico. I basked in the perception of the dry hot air kissing my pale skin, witnessing dark sky formations, tumbleweeds rolling across the highway and bundles of cacti scattered throughout the flat plateaus. The way the wide open planes of the desert had everything displayed to the eye helped inspire to open my heart with the same freedom and conviction to express myself with the same untamed wildness I felt in that environment.
Late at night, Huck El Berry dropped me off at my friend Skylar’s house which was where I planned to reside for a few days. Earlier on, Skylar had mentioned he would be hosting a few hikers for dinner, but I figured it was late and everyone had already left.
When I rang the doorbell, Skylar opened it as he released a puff of smoke from his vape. I laughed at his silliness and gave him a hug. I was so stoked to see him! I did a happy dance and ran on his carpeted floor into the living room to find a group of hikers sitting at the dinner table, still finishing up the last bit of food on their plates. One of them being a woman who picked me up hitchhiking last year! She was happy to see I was still alive after dropping me off at a truck stop.
Then, I looked over to my right to see an extremely handsome guy who was close to my age. He had long, curly burnt umber hair. His features were dark and he had an olive skin tone. I looked into his eyes and they felt familiar.
“Bud?” I asked.
He turned his palm over and, with his middle finger curled toward his chest, he pointed his index finger at me. Now the dots were connecting.
“Big Red?” he asked.
I couldn’t believe how synchronistic everything was. Bud was a guy whom I had a crush on back in ‘21. I met his mother in Lake City, CO. She was hiking the CT and her son was on the CDT. She showed off some of his pictures and I felt I just died to experience a taste of him.
She linked me up with his information, we talked for a while and planned to meet up since it wasn’t too bad of a hitch on my part. I had planned to catch him in Wyoming, but things took a turn and I ended up going to Tahoe, instead. I knew if it was meant to be, Spirit would align our paths and we would meet—no need to do anything on my part.
Anyways, we hugged each other once we figured it out. The rest of the time, I tried really hard to keep a straight face because all I could think about was how many times I saw his massive cock through pictures and videos that he had sent me.
He looked so deliciously rustic and wild. Every few words we exchanged, my eyes would drop back down to his bulge. He just sat there with his legs spread apart, directly in front of me, making me feel as though he was trying to get me to take a peek.
When we said our goodbyes for the night, I could see a tinge in his eye that told me I would be hearing from him soon.
The rest of the night, Skylar and I hung out and updated each other on our latest adventures and accomplishments. Feeling delirious from lack of sleep, I danced in front of him as he sat on the couch. He said my dance moves looked like a crack addict he would find on the street.