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(X-rated) April 21 2023, MM 169.3:
Skylar made me some french toast early in the morning. Afterwards, I sat on his lap in my undies and a t-shirt while he wore his indigo robe. He showed me pictures of the cabin he had just bought. I was so happy to witness the way his direction in life changed, now more in alignment with what made him apparently happy.
Later in the morning, I decided to hike a 12ish mile section of the CDT to keep my hiker legs in tact. I had taken the Walnut Creek Alternate last year, so figured I would hike the red line and head south back into Silver City to see some new scenery, instead.
It felt blissful to be in the desert again after hiking the green forest of the AT and a gift for my mind to be able to trek upon the sandy, rocky terrain. I thrived in the heat of the sun, feeling my skin open up and my breath deepen to a meditative rhythm. I ended up getting lost for a couple of miles due to following old CDT blazes. I laughed and thought to myself, Oh, the good old CDT.
When I was near the end of completing the road walk, Bud pulled up in his car. I smiled and hopped in the passenger seat as if I was a stranded hitchhiker in need of a ride. The second I got in, we started making out as if we were already lovers. His saliva tasted so deliciously sweet—I knew his pre-cum would be even better. I felt so excited to know I’d be getting a full taste of him soon. There was a trace scent of alcohol on his lips, but I didn’t mind—it added a hint of danger.
“God, you’re so fucking sexy,” I confessed, “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.”
“Mm. Me, too,” he said.
He drove up the dirt mountain road and pulled off to the side, directly beside the trail. He moved all of his items from out of the backseat and made room for us. He asked if I needed pillows for extra cushion, all the while I was thinking about how eager I was to get my head rammed against his side door while he penetrated me.
We took off our clothes and hopped in the back, steaming in ready anticipation. I knew his cock was going to be massive, so I had to prepare my mind for its coming. I teased myself by rubbing my clit up and down his rock hard cock… kissing him with drool-covered lips while doing so.
I slowly began to slide him in… opening myself up… allowing my pussy to take in every inch of his monster cock. He felt so big, normally I wouldn’t be able to handle a penis of his size, but I felt so open to receive him.
I tilted my head back and moaned in gratitude for getting to experience such a beautiful lover. I rode him slowly, both of us edging our orgasms through our breath. I could tell he wanted to cum, but he knew better than to give me his load so soon. We continued to breathe deeply as we matched each others thrusts.
I felt kind of down that he didn’t want to make direct eye contact, especially after I experienced Voodoo glaring into my soul. I remembered when it used to feel intense for me, too. Maybe it would have made Bud cum right away if he saw how much it would get me off.
After our playtime, I went to hangout at the Little Toad Brewery as I heard there was a pre Trail Days party—figured it would be fun to meet some current CDT hiker boys. A couple of minutes into being there, someone tapped on my shoulder. When I turned around, I was surprised to find it was Knee Melter! The last time I saw him was last year in East Glacier—never would have expected him to be there. We got to catch up on our latest adventures—he now had a couple of new girlfriends he was seeing, so he wasn’t open to making love with me, no matter how much I begged.
Then, I met one of my readers named Sparra who was finishing the NM portion of the CDT. I had been following along on his journey for quite some time, too. Although we never met in the physical as of yet, it seemed as if we had already understood each other quite a bit. He was very helpful in holding space for me when I was feeling down. We had also sent each other dirty videos and pictures of ourselves over the past year.
I had sent him a dirty video of myself when I was hiking earlier in the morning and he got offended and said he had a girlfriend.
Caught off guard, I said, “Oops! Had no idea.”
When I saw him at the brewery and he met me in person, he apologized and said, “You know, she’s not really my girlfriend,” followed by, “what happens on trail, stays on trail.”
A few minutes later, a cute guy caught my eye amongst all the other hiker trash. I noticed we had both been glancing over at each other for quite some time. I studied his energy and movements before I went in for the kill.
I sat on the floor amongst some hikers and stared at him making conversation with someone. He was less than a couple of feet in front of me and I was making it extremely known through my eyes that I wanted to remove his shorts right then and there. Every time he would make eye contact, I would slowly scan my eyes down to his cock, as if removing his clothes. I was fucking him in my mind and I knew he could feel it.
As I stood up to go talk to him, Sparra suddenly stepped in front of me as he was trying to come in for a hug. Tipsy, he accidentally interlaced his foot with mine and caused me to trip and fall backwards. I fell directly on top of an orange traffic cone which almost went up my ass. My tush hit the concrete and my legs flailed open.
Our mouths agape, Sparra joked, “Awe, you fell for me!”
I laughed at the hilarity of the movie like moments I apparently experienced. Such as, wanting to make a move on a hot guy, but then ending up embarrassing myself, instead.
After I laughed it off, I approached him again. His body opened up towards me, showing me he was interested in my presence.
“I noticed you were looking at me,” he said.
“Yeah,” I responded, “it’s cause I thought you were cute.”
“Mm, yeah, you make it very obvious when you’re interested in someone,” he said.
He smiled and we got to talking about the typical trail adventures we were on. He asked what I did for a living and I told him how I made dresses inspired by my love for shibari. He knew exactly what shibari was and proceeded to tell me he was a professional rock climber.
My face flushed while I looked at him coyly and asked, “Oh yeah?”
I knew that we were both envisioning the way I would look covered in his rock climbing ropes.
“I love the way you make such intense direct eye contact with me,” he said, “feels like a drug.”
I told him how most people couldn’t handle it. He experienced the same perception, himself.
He smiled and said, “Do you want to ask or should I?”
“You,” I said.
He handed me his phone so I could put in my phone number. I expressed slight disappointment through my facial expression.
He goes, “What were you gonna ask?”
I really wanted to ask if he would tie me up behind the building.
“Something along those lines,” I said.
After we exchanged information, I went on a walk to decompress from all the fast-like energy. It seemed there was always a point where I would experience intense overwhelm after being in a crowd of people.
After some time, I came back to the brewery and saw Bud, so we exchanged some smiles and a quick conversation. Zulu came around the corner and walked directly by me. We both turned around and exchanged a smile. I felt he was inviting me to follow him and so I did.
“You want to play a game of pool with me?” he asked.
I said yes, but warned him that I sucked. The irony was I ended up winning three of the games we played. As we played, we built tension with every glance. So much so, that it seemed as if we were having sex in front of everyone in the room.
As he was handing me the cue stick, he locked eyes with me and whispered, “You’re tempting.”
So I’ve been told, I thought.
He put cue chalk on the tip of the stick and said, “Mm, there’s so many things I want to say to you.”
“Just say it,” I said with yearning eyes.
He glided his fingertips through the back of my head and pulled my hair back with an air of domination.
Then, he placed his lips against my ear and whispered, “I want to taste the fuck out of your pussy.”
Oh my GOD. I loved when a man wasn’t afraid to touch me or make bold moves on me. He teased me with his eyes and movements the entire time we played our rounds. I felt I could feel droplets of my cum dripping down my leg, convinced I would orgasm just by being in his presence.
He bent over to get the cue ball that fell in the pocket. While doing so, he lifted the hem of my shirt and flirtatiously bit my abdomen. Then, he grabbed my inner thigh and I felt the drool spill from my bottom lip. Instinctually, I pulled his hair, letting him know how aroused he was making me feel.
I felt I was high—everything was vibrant and colorful. The music in the background felt as if it slowed. It was in that moment I realized how much I enjoyed being single. I loved when I was alone and I could just do what I wanted. I didn’t feel limited to any of my apparent experiences. I didn’t feel I had to alter the way I moved around or the things I wanted to say. I could just be sexually free and no one could tell me how I had to be/behave.
“Do you want to go on a walk with me?” I asked.
“Very much,” he said.
We started walking back to his room at the motel and he asked if there was anything I wanted to share with him. I made it clear I was not interested in dating and that I strictly want to have some sexual fun. I told him I had multiple lovers. He perked up and asked if I wanted to share someone with him. I said yes!
“Do you want it to be a guy or a girl?” he asked.
“Guy,” I said.
“Mm, good,” he goes.
Just the thought of a guy feeling so open to play with another guy made me so hot and got me all riled up. We said we would look for someone after he got his way with me first.
Less than a quarter mile to the motel, he pulled me aside and pinned me up against a wall in an alley. He started kissing me, moving his hand up my neck, choking me with his strong masculine grip. I could feel the calluses on his hands and fingertips from his time spent rock climbing—made my pussy crave the dirt from underneath his nails.
He took my hand and brought it down to his heated bulge, making me feel his long hard cock throbbing for me. I asked if I could have a taste and he allowed it. As I squatted down, my knees spread open and I could feel the heat wave release from in between my thighs. I pulled his rod from out of his boxer briefs and placed it in my needy mouth. As the head of his cock made its way further down my throat, a few cars drove by with their headlights shining directly on us.
“Don’t stop,” he says.
I continued to blow him, covering the entirety of his cock with my slobber and spit. He moaned as he thrusted himself further down my throat. Then, he pulled me by my hair as he pulled his cock out, my cheeks rosy.
“Follow me,” he said.
He took me to a golden lit parking lot near the grocery store, then had me face him.
“How are you with taking orders?” he asked.
“I love taking orders,” I said in a tone of pure submission.
“Good,” he said, “now bend over and spread your ass cheeks so I can eat you out.”
I turned around, slowly slipped my shorts down and let them drop to my ankles. He smiled at the sight, got down on one knee and went all in as he licked my pussy all the way up to my asshole. I shook at how good it felt—the wetness of his tongue slipping between all of my slits and crevices. I hoped he could taste the last guys cock and see me for the whore I really was.
He got up and I made out with him to get a taste, myself. Then, he gave me the signal that it was time to put my shorts back on and go to his room. When we got there, he opened the door to two of his friends smiling from ear to ear as soon as they saw me. I knew that they knew we were about to fuck.
He asked his friends, “Hey are you guys thinking about heading back to the Toad?”
“Yeah we might go back for a bit,” one of them said.
Zulu knew about my piss fetish, so he walked
behind the wall where his friends couldn’t see and peed in the sink while I watched. He kept a casual conversation going between him and his friends while I watched him with yearning eyes. He let me lick him up the remnants after he was done.
I went to his bed and rested my back against his headboard while he cleaned up some of his space. I was so aroused that I had to put pressure on my pussy with my fingertips to calm myself. Everyone in the room could clearly see how desperately I needed to get fucked. The whole interaction between him and his friends continued, but appeared so fake that it was funny.
His friend goes, “I think it’s time for a five minute cigarette break.”
“Twenty,” I said.
As the guys were about to leave, Zulu goes, “I don’t mean to be so blunt, but do you still have some of those condoms?”
He laughed out loud then went through his plastic baggie to find one.
As Zulu looked at it, he goes, “Oo it’s European.”
We all busted out laughing. Then, as soon as they left and closed the door, Zulu removed my panties. I absolutely loved the action of a man doing that—made me feel so vulnerable and in full submission for him.
He ate my pussy as if he was looking forward to it all day—looking up at me in complete enjoyment. I could feel both his mouth and my pussy getting wet with each stroke of his tongue. It didn’t take long for me to yearn for his cock.
I grabbed his hair and pulled him up to my face, begging to taste him. I rubbed his cock against my inner thigh, then pressed two fingers against his taint as he let out a broken moan. A ripple of sexual heat came over him and he spit on me as if I was a dirty slut. He waited impatiently for my acknowledgment.
“Thank you, Daddy,” I said.
Now, soaking wet, he slipped himself in and watched as I tried to close my legs.
“Be a good girl and take it all the way,” he said as he pushed my hips down.
I could feel his cock throb to a rock hard rod. His eyes full of passion and aggression, he slapped my face out of the blue, then thrusted to the edge of my walls and yelled, “You’re my little bitch.”
“Say it again,” I begged.
“Dirty. Fucking. Whore.” he growled.
I told him over and over again how much I loved taking his cock. He was pounding my head against the headboard, slapping me silly whenever he found the opportunity—nearly making my moans turn into whimpering screams.
I thought about how I barely knew this man, yet it felt like second nature to look this stranger in his eyes as he rammed me. I watched as his eyes became nearly 90% dilated with lust. My soul was sucking the life out of him and I couldn’t deny that I loved every second of it.
He pulled out his hot, juice covered cock and came all over my pussy. His cum was so thick and potent it made it easy for me to scoop up and eat.
One of his friends whom I hadn’t met yet came out of the bathroom after we finished and said, “Thanks Zulu for giving me a heads up. I appreciate the subtlety.”
He stormed out of the room. We got dressed as we chuckled in simultaneous embarrassment and satisfaction. Unfortunately, we didn’t feel it was in alignment to go look for someone to play with us. We were both completely exhausted, out of breath and ready to go to bed.
When I made it back to my room, I checked my blog. The past couple of years, I found I had a lot of people message me saying they really wanted to openly express the way I did around sex, but didn’t seem to have the courage to open up publicly. I offered them a space to message their sexual fantasies or share photos/videos with me in a safe space. It felt good to give friends/strangers a place to share their desires and dirty stories. It seemed a weight was lifted off their shoulders the moment the shame around their apparent desires was removed.