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May 3-4, 2023:
Voodoo secretly fingered me under the table while people were gathered in the community kitchen for breakfast. Both of us were looking around the room as we attempted to keep a straight face. My mouth was slightly open from the enjoyment, having to hold back from moaning as to not make it obvious I was getting felt up. He didn’t let me cum, as apparently I was terrible at keeping quiet during orgasm.
After that, I said my goodbyes to Sidetracked as I jumped in his arms and wrapped my legs around him.
“I’m so happy I got to see you again!” I exclaimed.
Then, Voodoo ran up behind him and jumped on his back as he wrapped his legs around him, making it look like we were climbing him like a tree. I loved the way Sidetracked let us love up on him so freely all the time.
I cruised with Voodoo as he dropped off his shuttle group at the trailhead. He appeared to be such a natural people person, making it seem easy to entertain people through jokes—a quality I often adored.
He dropped me off a few miles before town and I hitched my way to the married couple who offered me a home cooked meal. I got a ride straight to their doorstep—they told me to walk right in. They were so inviting and I soon discovered they were big believers in God.
They hosted me, offering me to do laundry and take a hot shower if I needed to. They even made me french toast with vanilla and almond extract along with a side of deer meat! I was in LOVE.
Then, I walked around their living room to find several mementos referencing God and guns. I asked her about her family, since I noticed she had pictures of her kids. I asked about her relationship with them, just out of curiosity.
“I get along with all of my kids except for one son,” she said with a tone of judgement, “we haven’t talked to him in years since he chose the homosexual lifestyle.”
Sometimes, I wished people could recognize the gift and perfection in their experiences—that everything that occurred was to help open up their mind and expand them into a higher resonance of love. Her son was offering her a gift to view him through eyes of love, regardless of how she thought he was supposed to be. Simultaneously, I really felt as if everyone was trying the best they could with the knowledge they currently had. She needed compassion and forgiveness, for she was in pain just by experiencing the perception of hatred or of something being apparently wrong/out of place.
“Are you pro life?” her husband asked me.
I said yes, even though I really wanted to say that it didn’t really matter to me what people apparently chose to do. I felt put on the spot, as if I would be shunned just by breathing the air in their home.
After I got everything taken care of, I thanked them for their help along my journey, then they dropped me off on an on-ramp so I could continue north. It felt wholesome being on the road again—my home.
I got a ride by a cute 26 year old guy named Dylan. He picked me up before I could even stick my thumb out. He was tall with dark curly hair and was wearing a slick suit. He expressed that he was ready to leave the corporate life behind and asked for my advice in how to do that.
“Just do it,” I said.
It was much easier that way, rather than making a list of reasons why you couldn’t do something which only limited your mind. It was as simple as recognizing that we all deserved gentleness and ease. We never had to “force” ourselves to do anything we didn’t want to do.
I really wanted to make a move on him, in hopes of getting fucked, but my pussy was immensely sore from taking Voodoo’s cock numerous times. So, I behaved like a good little girl and kept it PG with him.
Then, I got picked up by a guy named Boo. He was a sweet older gentleman who lived in Pearisburg and happened to know my friend Pringles who worked at the grocery store that he always went to!
During the drive, we got pulled over by a cop because Boo swerved over the yellow line as he tried to dodge a post office truck that had stopped on top of a hill. The cop approached us at my window and I had to stop myself from laughing because he was wearing a cowboy looking hat that appeared incredibly goofy. It was hard to take him seriously while he gave Boo a lecture about “correct” driving.
When we got to Pearisburg, we met up with Pringles and joked about the synchronicity of the situation. Then, Boo and I decided to go out for Mexican food in the evening. He picked me up around 6pm and we drove over there and chose a spot at the bar.
His friend, Sean, came to sit with us which happened to be the guy who gave me a ride a few days back! We got to talking and I found out his girlfriend had passed away recently. He had the word “promise” tattooed along his pinky in honor of her.
Eventually, they both got buzzed and played air guitar together to some background rock n’ roll music. Sean made me a rose out of a napkin while they played a few rounds of billiard.
Everyone knew them and they knew everyone—guess that was what it was like living in a small town. Boo gave me deets of the latest small town drama: where a meth lab used to reside, drama involving money between a drunk husband and ex-wife sitting at the bar and peoples’ latest love affairs.
I felt so taken care of by Boo. He said he would drive me anywhere I needed to go, even offering to drive me to the dentist if I were to need to get a root canal done. I took him up on the offer and told him I would appreciate his help.
The next morning, I had an appointment to get my teeth checked to see what the damage was. I indeed needed a root canal. Regardless of the news, it was by far the best dentist experience I ever had. They actually made it a fun experience for me, even when I had stated how much I loathed going to the dentist. I asked if I could hold the assistants hand while they administered the novocaine.
“Am I the only adult who has asked to hold the assistants hand?” I asked.
“Absolutely not,” they said, “it happens all of the time.”
They took x-rays, fixed four cavities and deep cleaned my teeth. They comforted me as they walked me through each step, explaining what each tool was used for. He gave me positive reinforcement, letting me know everything was looking good and going great. It seemed I often needed to be handled like a child.
When they finished and it came time to pay, the dentist told me he trail magic’d me my appointment and that everything was free of charge. All he asked from me was to have one of my macramé hanging baskets that I weaved. I stood there in shock as a wave of gratitude overcame me. I thanked him for such a lovely gift and told him I would have it shipped right away.
The receptionist made an appointment for me to have my root canal taken care of in Blacksburg. Her son was currently hiking the AT, so she understood the difficulty of getting our teeth fixed along the trail without a vehicle. We chatted for a bit longer as we shared pictures of our cats and family. Then, she gave me some clove oil for my rotting tooth to help with the smell and any possible infection.
After the appointment, I went to the pizza shop and went to do some thrift shopping. I worked on my writing in the park and, shortly after, Pringles picked me up and took me to her place so I could spend the night camping in her barn.