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(X-rated) May 7 2023, Harrison Ground Spring to US 501:
I started bleeding heavily in the morning once I left camp and started walking. Eventually, I made it to Matts Creek Shelter and ran into a woman who had her kids with her. I figured she would have baby wipes, so I told her of my situation and she was very helpful. She gave me some wet wipes along with a couple of diapers.
So, I went to the privy and put a diaper on. From there, I walked about .1 on trail and the diaper rode all the way up my ass since it was too small, so I went back to the original plan: the sock—which, by the way, worked wonders. Now, I had officially reached full hiker trash.
I made it to US 501 and hitched my way down south towards Pearisburg. I made a pit stop at a hostel down south so I could charge up my phone and also see if they had any pads in the hiker box.
The owner was a tall, dark skinned Eastern European man named Evan. He was in his late forties and was married to a blonde, busty, playful Slovakian woman named Anna. Normally, I liked to sign the log books whenever I arrived to a new place, however I didn’t feel guided to leave much of a trace there.
I could tell by the way Evan first looked at me that he was very excited to have me at his hostel. I overheard him rushing his wife out to the grocery store.
“Why are you rushing me?” she prodded, “Is it because you want to spend some time with that Lithuanian girl?”
He and I got to talking pretty fast. He joined me in the kitchen, popped open a glass of cold beer and leaned his body against the rim of the kitchen counter. His posture nonchalant and open, he began to ask about me and where I came from.
I leaned my torso over the laundry machine, resting my head gently upon my fingers as I pushed my hip out to the side. Through his eyes, I could tell all he was thinking about was what it might feel like to have his cock inside of me. So, I helped him out.
I embodied the seductive energy, the art of becoming almost delirious and woozy with sex. I locked eyes with him, devouring his energy through my gaze. He picked up on it and blushed as he told me how there were so many things he wanted to do.
“All of these hikers keep coming in and there’s all this ‘sexual energy,’” he said, “but, I’m with Anna and I feel like I can’t do so many things.”
Reading between the lines, I knew he was implying that he wanted to forget about his wife for a moment and just fuck a new broad.
Lots of hikers were walking through the kitchen as we were conversing—I knew that they knew what was going on, especially when our voices would soften and tune into a more secretive tone.
Evan walked over to my side, mirroring my body language as he leaned his body against the laundry machine. I really just wanted to tell him how badly I wanted to fuck him, but figured it might not be the best to say in a room full of hikers. So, I told him I’d be going outside. He appeared a bit disappointed when I said that, so I made it a bit more clear for him.
As I opened the door, I turned around and, with a higher decibel in my voice, directed, “You wanna join?”
He smiled and followed right along like a little puppy dog. I guess I did enjoy the chase, sometimes. There was another full group of hikers sitting outside when we walked out the door, so we took a sharp left and strolled through the yard. We stood between two of his cars, just barely hiding us from the group of hikers.
He told me sob stories of him and his wife and how things weren’t going well—a clear sign he wasn’t happy or committed to her at all. Easy victim, I thought to myself. I looked at him as I undressed his body with my eyes.
With a sultry voice, I moaned, “You’re so tempting, you know that?”
“Oh, you’re trouble,” he said.
I tilted my head slightly as I let out a gentle sigh, as if unsatisfied that I couldn’t have a taste of his thick European cock right then and there.
“We need to go on a drive,” he said.
I agreed. He walked me to his car that was parked directly in front of the hikers. We told them we would be back shortly. As soon as I got in the car, I felt my body buzz with a tingling excitement.
He was so handsome to me. His skin a delicious shade of mocha, with a trace scent of musky cologne and beer. As he reversed out of his driveway, I took his right hand and observed it to see if he would be a good candidate for feeling up my naked body. His palms and the back of his hands were covered in calluses and rough scars.
“Mm, hard worker,” I said as I placed his hand on my inner thigh.
I grazed my nails up his arm as he began to confess to me how he had a raging hard on about to burst through his jeans when he was standing with me in the kitchen. He felt the energy between us was so intense that everyone around us obviously knew what was going on.
I looked over to see his bulky bulge invitingly throbbing for me through his jeans, struggling hard against the denim. I couldn’t help but go in for a feel. It felt steaming hot in the palm of my hand—his cock even bigger than I had imagined.
He groaned as he grabbed firmly at my inner thigh. Both of us unbuckled our seatbelts, I removed my shoes and perched up in my seat. I kissed him as he drove down the windy road, in attempt to stay focused. His five o’clock shadow flirtatiously brushed up against my soft skin. Our saliva mixing, while simultaneously, my pussy became lubricated with my cum and blood.
I looked at him longingly, unable to stay patient any longer. I got on my knees and went to unbuckle and unzip his jeans to find a massive, veiny throbbing cock. I could see why his wife stuck around.
I glided my hand up and down his thick shaft, watching his eyes grow soft and delirious with sex. I went in for a taste, slowly french kissing the head of his cock with my tongue. I moaned as I allowed my throat to mold around the rest of his cock, thinking to myself how much I wanted to receive him in my pussy. I went down on him for a while before he pulled over to the side, unable to take it any longer.
He told me to get in the backseat and I told him I was on my period. He said he didn’t care and told me to remove my pants. Thank God, I thought to myself, otherwise I would’ve begged for his cock in complete desperation.
We removed our pants and excitedly got in the backseat. He kissed my dirty skin—I hadn’t showered in a few days, but he loved the pheromones I released from my time out in the woods. The girth of his cock felt like it was now bursting between my fingers. Good thing I was extra horny from my moon cycle, otherwise I didn’t think I would be able to take his monster.
I sat on top of him, taking in every single inch of him. I could feel his length in my stomach, throbbing intensely. We grabbed at each other, staying mindful to not leave any evidence. He buried his face into my neck as I bounced my weight up and down his cock. Unable to control his urge to cum, I told him to give it all to me. Within a couple of seconds, I felt him release his load into the depths of my pussy. I smiled as I felt him pulsating, each shot of cum shooting far and deep into me. I smiled, feeling as if I was sucking the soul out of his body. His cock felt so phenomenal. I wished so bad I could have experienced it for longer.
Out of breath, he said, “Fuck. Where did you come from? I was not expecting to fuck a girl like you today.”
I jumped back up in the front seat, feeling giddy to have his cum and my blood leaking out onto my underwear.
Right before we pulled into the hostel, I looked at him and said, “Don’t forget to wash your cock.”
We made it exactly one minute before his wife came back home from the grocery store. I asked if she needed help with the groceries and she said “sure.” By her demeanor, I knew she knew. Later, she had made a comment to him saying his lips smelled of pussy.
It often amazed me how calm I stayed, being able to look a woman in her eyes without flinching, after knowing that her husband just rammed his cock into my throat and pussy. But, it seemed anytime a man was in front of his wife after an experience like that, he became overridden with anxiety. It was how they gave themselves away every time.
He gave me a ride to the interstate so I could continue hitching to Pearisburg. He kissed me before letting me go on my merry way. I got a ride by a girl named Clea who drove me all the way back to Angel’s Rest so I could say hi to Mischief. Her and I bonded over talk of Universal energy, spirituality and kink play. She offered me a place to stay along with a hefty homemade meal anytime I cruised out her way again. Afterwards, I went over to Boo’s house for the night since I had my root canal appointment the following morning.