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(X-rated) May 12 2023, Rockfish Gap to Wintergreen View:
Miles drove me to the trailhead early in the morning. During the car ride, he felt inspired to share something personal with me, that being how him and his wife were into a little thing called cuckolding.
“At the basic level,” he said, “I like watching my wife get fucked by other men.”
It started when they went out to a gathering and she ran into an old friend of hers.
She made a comment to her husband saying, “Wow, he still looks good after all these years.”
That was when it all started for him.
Something excited him and he made an offhanded comment, saying, “You should hook up with him.”
At first she brushed it off, but then they had a discussion about it after the gathering.
It panned out to, “Why not give it a try?”
She reached out to her friend and they ended up meeting up and having sex. Miles was hooked right from the get-go. Through the discovering of the kink, they recognized they weren’t open to it being the other way around, such as him sleeping with other women. Although he gave it a try one time, they both agreed it wasn’t a turn on.
“There is a clear boundary that my wife can fuck other men, but I can’t, because it wouldn’t turn either one of us on,” he said, “What gets me off is watching her get pleasured by another guy as I masturbate and watch. I love seeing her facial expressions as she gets lost in the moment by taking someone else’s cock. My favorite is when she swallows his load or when he cums inside of her and then I get to come in and fuck her while I can still feel his load. It ends up being some of the best sex we ever had.”
My eyes welled up with tears as I expressed to him how I’ve had this desire for myself from ever since I could remember, but I felt so much anxiety and ended up repressing it over the years. It often felt as if I was asking too much if I was allowed to fuck other men, but my man had to stay completely monogamous in order for me to stay attracted to him. So, over the years, I’ve learned to repress that part of myself as it seemed easier than having people berate/make fun of me.
As him and his wife played out their biggest fantasies and desires, he expressed how it actually helped their marriage in the long run. It made it super easy because they were both on the same page. They still had boundaries within it, such as paying for the strangers to have STD checks beforehand, along with Miles being able to watch.
They would make a fun game/role play out of it, such as going to the bar together and separating ways while she would go pick up guys. One of his favorite stories was when his wife brought back two virile men to their cabin and she got fucked by both of them on the balcony while Miles watched like a voyeur.
He says, “I just don’t know why I like it, but I do. I just love absolutely everything about it.”
It gave me so much hope and reassurance that the same could be possible for me. I get so turned on having men watch me get fucked, and it would be that much hotter if it would be my own partner.
Over the years, I had met people who wanted to partake in that with me, however I wasn’t interested in forming a romantic relationship with them. Still, it planted a seed within my mind and showed me that men like that existed.
“You probably don’t need to hear this,” Miles says, “but don’t let anyone ever tell you how you need to be or make you feel guilty for what you’re interested in and for what your soul desires,” he took a breath of surety and continued, “coming from a man’s perspective, I just want to tell you that men like me do exist. I absolutely love watching my wife fuck other men, but I am completely and whole heartedly monogamous. My eyes and attention are only for her.”
It felt like Miles was an Angel that was sent to me, especially because nothing we were talking about prior to that conversation had anything to do with relationships/kinks. It felt like Spirit gave him the inspiration to talk about it so I could get some peace of mind about the way my desires appeared to be.
And, the Holy Spirit knew what I wanted better than I did. I was aware that a lot of these kinks existed in the online world of relationships/sex, but it didn’t resonate with me to search for it over the internet. I knew that if it was meant to show up in my experience, it would.
He finished with, “Just be you.”
Allowing myself to be as I was seemed to be a recurring reminder that had been coming up for me lately. I could feel my Angels guiding me towards that remembrance and giving me the courage to express myself without fear.
When I got back on trail, I felt uplifted and with a new air in my step. I saw numerous black, slithery snakes along the trail, in the bushes and in the tree trunks.
Spirit Symbolism of Black Snakes:
-considered to be a powerful guardian against evil spirits
-used to cleanse an area of negative energy
-symbols of transformation and rebirth, shedding old skin and starting anew
-a letting go of something that is no longer serving me
-need to forgive myself
-importance of staying grounded and centered in my power
-use it’s energy to help me move through changes in my life with grace and ease
At the end of the day, I stealth camped just after the summit of Humpback Mountain.