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May 14 2023, Andy Layne Trailhead to US Route 220 (Daleville):
Miles dropped me off at the Andy Layne Trailhead where I walked a few miles to connect back to the AT, then backtracked to go visit the well renowned Tinker Cliffs.
On my way up there, I met a guy named TheSunGod who thru-hiked the same trails as I did, the exact same years, yet I never ran into him once! Eventually, we both stopped at Lamberts Meadow Shelter for a quick break before walking to Daleville.
I wrote in the logbook saying, “God, the trail just makes me feel so naughty. Thinkin’ I’ll sneak off into the bushes and masturbate… wishing I could get a helping hand.”
I felt excited to give him a fun little visual for the nine miles we had left for Daleville.
Then, I said to him, “Welp, I’m gonna keep going. I’ll leave this log book right on the table in case you want to write in it.”
Then, I invited him to come grab a slice of pizza with me once we made it to the road.
I walked past a large rock boulder, feeling called to touch it. From a distance, I saw a spot where I wanted to place my hand on it, so I walked over to it. The rock, just centimeters away from where the center of my palm was moving towards, I saw a daddy long legs spider. It felt like the spider was giving off an energy for me to take on. Spiritually, daddy long legs symbolized having faith and taking risks.
I reunited with TheSunGod in Daleville and we met up at Bellacino’s for some pizza. He joked that he was warned about me. I had heard so many people on trail saying that about me and I thought it was funny because I was harmless. Still, it was sweet to witness the perception a lot of people held for me.
We talked stories of our time on the other trails, joking about the trials we faced with weather and logistics and how vastly different those trails were in comparison to the AT. After we ate pizza, we went to get some ice cream. He found it weird that I ate it with a fork and gave it a try himself, but didn’t vibe with it.
At the end of our time together, he said it was an honor to meet me. I let him know it was a blessing to meet him, as well. He held such a great energy—calm, well-rounded and pure. From there, we hitched our separate ways.