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(X-rated) May 15-16, 2023:
Last night, Miles trail magic’d me a warm room in the hotel again. I felt the biggest gratitude that he completely respected my space and gifted me a place to stay without trying to intervene. It actually felt like it came from his heart and as though he truly didn’t expect a thing out of me.
Before I left, the owner of the hotel told me I was welcome to stay there anytime I was passing through Salem, free of charge. I thanked him for his generosity, then packed up and started to hitch towards Pearisburg.
I got a ride from a man named Jeff who happened to be a Lyft/Uber driver.
I told him where I was going and he said, “Yep, I know what day it is today. Today is the day for some trail magic!”
I was stoked! As he was driving me, he asked if I was hungry.
“I’m always hungry,” I said.
“Are you in a rush or do you have time to go to Cracker Barrel?” he asked.
I was just talking about my obsession for french toast with him a few minutes prior.
“I always have time for Cracker Barrel,” I said.
So, he took me there and I devoured everything on my plate. While there, we talked about his family and what he had been up to lately. Then, I shared with him my latest adventures and gave him information to my blog. Afterwards, he drove me directly to Angel’s Rest, took a photo with me and we parted ways.
Shortly after, he messaged me and told me he followed my blog, proceeding to say, “I should’ve banged the hell out of you while I had the chance!”
My stomach dropped and I felt a big sense of victimization come up. I heard thoughts circling my head saying, This is totally unacceptable. l have zero tolerance to put up with this shit anymore.
I felt that sense of wanting to retract again. It seemed so many men offered me many things and I felt like I could relax and enjoy a meal or a warm bed for the night. I felt so grateful for their generosity, but then a hidden agenda was revealed and it would seem to bring about an intense feeling of resentment. It felt as if there was often something expected out of me and I seemed to hate that feeling. But, I was a firm believer that I would continue to receive the perception of what I apparently loathed until I learned how to have a good time with it.
After getting settled in at Angel’s Rest, I went out to eat with a few thru-hiker dudes—Brendan, Jimmy and Carl. We got on the topic of first date horror stories. Jimmy shared how one time he took a girl out for dinner and how she came onto him really hard, making it known she wanted to have sex with him.
He talked about the pressure he felt, then said, “She had the AUDACITY to pull out a magnum condom.”
Then, Brendan shared a story about how he was fucking a girl one time and her parents walked in on them.
“They walked in on me deflowering her daughter,” he said, “I had her bent over the table, as she was begging for me to come.”
We all experienced a cringing pain and shouted, “NOOO!”
Then, they asked about some of my first date stories and I said, “Oh geez, I’d rather keep it to myself.”
Instead, I explained why I had flip-flopped all over the place, along with an update about Voodoo and my latest lovers. I expressed to them how I wanted to get walked on a leash by Voodoo at Trail Days, but didn’t know if it would be in the trajectory since we hadn’t spoken to each other for quite some time.
Right before our food came out, Brendan opened his beer and it started exploding out of nowhere, so he used his thumb to cover up the opening. When he released his thumb, the beer shot onto his face, then onto my glasses and finally, it blasted all over the other guys as if spraying a champagne bottle. We all busted out laughing, thinking he did it on purpose, but it was an accident. He put a lime in there, so it must’ve activated something.
After we ate, we walked back to the hostel and I went to bed. My tummy was full and content, but my pussy felt unsatisfied as she longed for more cock.
Next morning, Jimmy and his friends were packing up to leave. Right before they left, he asked if I ever switched between who could walk me on a leash.
“I don’t know,” I said, “my lovers seem to get really posessive over me.”
“Well, what if I just tug on it, for let’s say five minutes,” he teased.
“Yeah, I might let you do that,” I said with a wink.
My next move was to get to Bland to finish up a section. A woman and her friend were already headed in that direction, so they offered to give me a ride all the way there. The whole drive, all I could think about was cock and how desperately I wanted to get fucked by someone. I experienced intense waves of pleasure in my yoni as I became lost in fantasy. Maybe Spirit would align me with a cutie. Anything was possible.
They dropped me off at the outpost in the pouring rain. The weather didn’t look too promising for the rest of the day. I walked into the quaint little store and the first thing I saw was a hottie of a man sitting in the corner of the store. I assumed he was waiting on a meal. He was very tall, pale skinned, fully covered in dark tattoo sleeves and sported a nicely cut thick beard with strands of grey in between.
My new victim, I thought to myself.
I felt all giddy and went to the back of the store to find a hiker box.
I found a potato in it and yelled to the clerk, “Someone left a potato in here!”
I started laughing as I shook my head. I caught him looking at me in a way that suggested he thought I was cute. Then, I went to sit at the table next to his.
I leaned over the chair across from his and said, “Mm… I want something sweet.”
“They sell deep fried Oreos,” he said with a smile.
I nearly lost it. Those were my absolutely favorite desserts! I immediately ran up to buy half a dozen, then went to share them with my new friend. He invited me to sit at his table.
Don’t mind if I do, I thought to myself.
His name was Arkay and he was deciding on whether or not he wanted to take a zero. We were both making backhanded comments about the rain, trying to vibe out what we wanted to do. I looked at him in a way that suggested we should share a room together. Shortly after, he proposed we split a room at the hotel room that Pusher and I stayed at in Bland.
So, I yogi’d us a ride to the hotel by a local and on our drive up, I tuned into where my energy appeared to be just a couple of weeks ago. I looked around and saw how much I changed in that time period. I remembered how heavy my energy appeared to be when I had been involved in thoughts about Voodoo. I remembered the whirlwind of feelings and unsurety of direction. Today, I felt much more happy and calm.
So, he bought us a room and the first thing I did was take a shower. When I came out, wrapped in nothing but a towel, he asked if I needed some privacy.
I smiled and said, “I’m good,” then dropped the towel onto the floor.
I walked back to the bed and laid down beside him. I grabbed some CBD cream and began to rub it on my legs. Then, I snuggled into him and he wrapped his tatted arms around my waist.
He started feeling me up and I started rubbing my knee up his thigh. Without hesitation, he removed my shorts and panties and made his way down to my pussy. As he was eating me out, he stuck one finger in and made me squirt all over the bed. I went down on him right after that and he came in my mouth without giving me any heads up. I actually really enjoyed receiving such a warm giant load as a surprise.
Then, I begged him to finger me two more times after that, feeling like I wanted more and more. He made me squirt just by toying with my clit. And every time he slid his fingers in, I would release again like a fountain. Some guys just had that secret touch.
Grasping onto him with my nails, I started biting his neck and chest hair… pulling him close. I loved that he wasn’t very vocal, something about that just made it feel like he was more masculine to me.
He told me he practiced semen retention, but claimed it didn’t count as breaking the streak if we had sex. So, I got on top of him and rode him until he came deep inside of me. Then, he pushed the cum deeper into my pussy with his fingers, until all of it squirted right out onto his stomach. We fucked one more time in doggystyle—figured I would give him a break after that.
Afterwards, we went on a walk in the rain and got some gas station hot dogs, Subway cookies and chips from the Dollar General. We also bought some cinnamon rolls that he opened once we got back in bed because I was so excited to eat them raw. When he tried it, his face turned beet red. He was unable to swallow it because he thought it tasted atrocious. I laughed my ass off, because he still ate it regardless.