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(X-rated) May 23 2023, Sawmill Run Overlook to Swift Run Gap:
Upon rising, Voodoo looked into my eyes and expressed what a gift it was to wake up next to me. I felt the same way towards him. We covered each other in cuddles and kisses. I wished the feeling of his affection would last forever.
We hiked some of the trail, but eventually decided to road walk Skyline Drive the rest of the way.
“I feel most at home being on the road,” he said.
I smiled because I felt the same way. The last few miles, we started to hitch and eventually got a ride to a place called Small Axe Farms. Once there, we did a trade with them. I traded artwork while Voodoo traded hands on work around the farm.
I felt a bit triggered because he worked his ass off and expressed that he would have easily made a couple hundred bucks for the work she was asking him to do. By the end of the day, he worked overtime and his hands were cut up and bleeding. She said that it would only pay for his one night stay.
It seemed this happened to Voodoo, often. The moment people saw he was a really hard worker, it seemed people would take advantage of him. He told her he would like to finish the work the following morning, because he was tired and it was getting dark, but she said no and that she wanted him to finish up what he was doing right then and there.
Luckily, he had taken a work break with me earlier and fucked me on several different couches, the floor and anywhere else he wanted my body. First time, he came all over my face. I looked like an innocent little angel with his cum smeared on my face in a shining wet consistency. Then, he came all over my hiking shirt and I watched as the white cream soaked right through. I was smiling from ear to ear.
Afterwards, I took a cold shower and said hello to the farm animals. Then, I road walked and made some phone calls back home to my friends and family.
After night fell and we got settled in, Voodoo and I grew playful again. Me, especially, since now there were a lot of hikers in the surrounding area of the room which seemed to turn me on immensely. Unfortunately, most everyone left to go on an ice cream run, so Voodoo and I stayed behind so we could fuck loudly.
One of the hiker guys walked in on me as I was giving him a blowjob. I had my back turned so all I saw was Voodoo giving someone a thumbs up and smiling.
“Is anyone in the room?” I asked.
“Yeah,” Voodoo points and loudly says, “some guy is right there, watching us.”
I turned around to look as the hiker pulled his glasses down to the tip of his nose, then creepily said, “I’m not watching you.”
We all busted out laughing. Voodoo and I loved when people went along with the role play. He threw his sleeping bag over us and stuck his cock inside of me while the guy was still there. As more people started filtering in, my pussy throbbed with great intensity. Each time we heard people walk by, he told me he could feel my pussy open up get insanely wet, as if my cum poured out onto his cock like a waterfall. He loved seeing how much I got off when others were around.
“You like when people watch you get fucked like a little whore?!” he asked as he choked me harder.
Fuck, he knew how to get me off so hard. I loved how with him I actually couldn’t tell the difference between roleplaying versus what was real. He would just be so set in his character and came off with so much confidence.
Eventually, we had to finish off outside in the grass, because there were a few people sleeping less than 6” away from us. I wanted him to go hard, but his cock felt too good for me to stay quiet.