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(X-rated) May 28-29 2023, Manassas Gap to Bear’s Den Hostel:
Before we got back on trail, we went to McDonalds so I could get some warm cookies. I asked Voodoo what was on his mind since he appeared off. He said he felt we were wasting our time together and I felt anything but that, aware that we were both bringing each other gifts and constantly growing/expanding. The attempted conversation seemed to open up a can of worms and he said it felt I was acting as if I was more knowledgeable than him, as though sitting on my high horse. I felt I just wanted to have a conversation with him, which in turn just escalated to him telling me to “just leave” him.
So, I walked away from the situation and went to cry in the bathroom. After about ten minutes, I opened the door and he was standing there waiting for me. Now, both of us teary eyed, he lovingly lifted me up in his arms and pushed me against the wall, accidentally hitting the hand sanitizer device which caused it to squirt down my back. With tears still rolling down my eyes, I busted out laughing from how theatrical it all appeared to be.
Like a switch, he quickly changed his tone with me and said, “Forget everything I said. I just want to run away with you,” he wiped the tears from my eyes as he pulled my hair back behind my ears and whispered, “I just know how special you are and I’ve never met anyone like you. I think that’s what scares me.”
He said it wasn’t even the half of what he wanted to tell me, but decided to keep the rest to himself for he felt he was talking too much and shouldn’t have even spoken to begin with. I felt my head was spinning. It felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster wave with him, in a whirlwind of ups and downs.
It was a chill day on trail. Perfect weather and easy going terrain. The first night, we arrived at the Rod Hollow Shelter. We took a second to relax as people filtered in, but then I grew playful just before going to bed. I always did when I cuddled up close to Voodoo and got a whiff of his scent. His pheromones drove me absolutely wild, more than he would ever know.
He began to play with me underneath my sleeping bag, teasing me with his fingers. We quickly began to fuck, but it was really hard for me to stay quiet, so we climbed naked out of our sleeping bags, down the ladder and he led me to a tent site away from the shelter.
There, he fucked me on the dirt ground for as long as he so desired. He came all over my face, chest and stomach. Then, I laid in his arms and he looked down at me as though I was his little girl. He opened my legs gently and played with my clit until I came for him again. I felt so loved and pleased. Just knowing it was his hands touching me seemed to always get me off so quickly. It felt so magical to have an orgasm while laying under the canopy of trees with the warm summer wind in the air and the face of my lover above me being reflected by the moonlight. It felt like such a playful intimate exploration and what my heart desired deeply in that moment.
After I came and was making my way back to reality, he propped me up on all fours to fuck me one last time. He spread my knees wide in the dirt and stuck his cock in from behind. I came to life again. My eyes widened as I arched my back and received him fully. I loved getting fucked after I came; it felt amazing, if not even more amazing.
Out of breath, I said, “Mm, I love how much you spoil me with your cock.”
Shortly after, we heard someone moving about in their tent and realized we were only a couple feet away from them. We laughed and went back to bed, finally being able to calm down and get some restful sleep. Around midnight, we got woken up to a cute little mouse running around near our heads in search for some food.
The following day, we road walked to Bear’s Den Hostel. During the road walk, Voodoo plucked flowers and placed them in my hair and on my backpack. Then, we discovered a turtle in the middle of the road and named him Jimmy.
Our friend Pink had stayed at the hostel for over a month and had recommended it to us. We walked around looking for a bunk and Voodoo found one in a separate room that he liked. One of the guys that we were in the shelter with last night came into our room and waited for us to pick a bunk.
He asked, “Okay, you guys are staying here? Awesome!”
Then, he went to the complete opposite side of the building and picked a bunk to be as far away from us as possible.
Another hiker, Blackbeard, and his woman joined us in our room. We joked about how everyone hated us because we fucked in every single place that we visited. Blackbeard and his woman had the same issue.
Naturally, Voodoo and I cozied up, got aroused and began fucking. As he was thrusting me, he kept a lookout to see if anyone was about to walk in. Blackbeard and his girl were cuddling in the bunk beside us. Voodoo was unaware of how loud he was breathing into my neck, thinking he was being so discreet. Right after he came, I busted out laughing.
Blackbeard joked, “This is why no one wanted to be in here with us.”
When 5pm hit, the owners opened up the facility so we could go pay for our spots. We were the first ones in line and he quickly recognized us.
“Wait,” he says, “are you Voodoo and Freyja?”
We nodded yes and he goes, “I know you two through Pink! You guys don’t have to pay! Now get outta here!”
We were thrown off guard and insisted on paying, but he was very adamant about trail magicing us the stay. He even gifted us pizza, ice cream and meatball subs. All of the hiker trash hung out in the common area while I wrote and Voodoo played the guitar.
Upon going to bed, Voodoo put the steroid cream all over my ass and legs to help heal the poison ivy. I felt so loved, because he would always serve me without hesitation. To me, he appeared so masculine when he cared about my emotional and physical well-being.