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(X-rated) June 4 2023, PA Route 16 to Ironmasters Mansion Hostel:
Voodoo and I decided to road walk most of the day today, following some dirt roads alongside the AT. As we were walking, I joked to him about how many people thought he would actually harm me, just because of the stuff I had written about him and the way people had interpreted his vibe.
He goes, “Tell them I want to slit your neck and fuck the hole as you’re bleeding out… watching… as I take the life out of your eyes up until your very last breath.”
We both started laughing, but then I thought to myself, Why does the sound of that turn me on? Why does the rapey vibe get me off so much?
Even though he was just messing with me, it had my knees shaking. I wanted to spread my legs for him when he apparently spoke those words.
Several miles into our road walk, we took a break under the shade of some pine trees beside an intersection. We were just catching our breath when I went to stand up and grab something out of my bag. Suddenly Voodoo stood up after me, wrapped his hand around my neck and pinned me up hard against a tree.
“Take your pants off,” he demanded.
“No,” I said, but with a spark in my eye that suggested we were role playing.
“Did I ask you? No. Now take your fucking pants off,” he barked.
I did as he said. From there, he began to finger me, watching my face while doing so. It felt like it was hurting me, so I expressed it in my facial reaction.
“Do you like it?” he asked, “cause I don’t think you’re actually enjoying it.”
I looked away aloofly.
“I’ll make you like it,” he said as he spat on my face, completely covering my glasses with drooping wet globs.
He slid his fingers in deeper.
“Filthy fucking whore,” he whispered, as he released the grip around my neck then shoved me down into the dirt.
He made sure I laid low, hiding me from any cars that drove by. Then, he spat on his fingers and used it to lube up his throbbing cock before he shoved himself in. I was grasping at the raw dirt as I took in his length and girth. He fucked me hard until I liked it. In actuality, I always liked it, but if I ever let on that I did, he would smack the devilish smile right off my face.
He grew more aggressive with his thrusts until he no longer wanted to hold back. He gave me what felt like a never ending load of cum for being such a good little submissive girl and not fighting against him. His cum soaked into my shirt, making me smile at his generous gift. It was enough to keep me satisfied for at least a little while.
We sat there and cooled down as he caught his breath. He drew a big heart out of pinecones for me on the forest floor, then I kissed him sweetly. He put the feathers we collected on the side of the road into his buff, forming a hippie headband, then we pushed on.
Later in the day, we discovered a small pond full of lily pads and lotus flowers blossoming. Voodoo grabbed one out of the water and played with the bud, making it expand and contract in his palm. We set up camp near Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Before going to bed, Voodoo sprinted into the meadow naked and almost threw up from overworking his body.