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(X-rated) June 8 2023, Duncannon PA to Clark’s Valley Road:
Today, we slack-packed north from Duncannon up to Clark’s Valley Road. Initially, we were going to hitch north and hike south back into town, but the walk over the bridge was really long so we switched it up.
It was hazey outside and it was an overall easy day of hiking, mostly following the ridge line. The views of the trees and similarity of terrain seemed to be boring me, so I decided to phone up some friends and family to keep my mind occupied. Once we made it to the road, we started walking down and found a metal chain, in the beginning stages of rusting.
Mm, I thought, this would feel nice wrapped around my neck.
For now, Voodoo wrapped my wrists tight behind my back and walked me down the road so the cars driving by could see. My pussy throbbed from the attention. He found a gate on the side of the road and pulled me in that direction. We hopped over, walked down the dirt road for a bit, then he pushed me down into the grass. He grabbed the ropes from out of his pack—I knew I was about to get it.
He had me sit with my knees in the dirt. First, he took the blue rope and tied my wrists. Then, he took the chain and wrapped it around my neck—tight. He pushed me back down into the grass, spread my legs open and grabbed the green rope. He tried to tie me up, but I made it very difficult for him. I used all my strength to push him off of me. As I tried to close my legs, he clenched the rope between his teeth, then pinned my legs down hard with his knees. He was so much stronger than me. He made me feel weak. He slapped my face hard, putting me in my place.
“Stop acting up,” he barked.
Quickly, he unclenched the rope and wrapped it around my legs so they would stay open and locked in place. He pulled the rope extra tight since I felt like misbehaving. He was absolutely pissed at me for being difficult and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. He shoved his cock in and I let out an unintentional moan. I couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling, but didn’t want him to know that.
“Fuck you,” I hissed.
The way he smiled at me after I said that—oof. His smirk suggested he could fuck me up in an instant and that I had better keep my mouth shut because I had no idea what I was in for. He blindfolded me with my buff and took advantage of me, hard. Spat on me, threw dirt and ripped apart grass all over my face and body, smearing it on me like a dirty piece of trash. Then, he took photos of me after he came on me, spreading my pussy open to reveal my vulnerable state.
He removed the blindfold from my face, then removed the ropes off my body. Deep imprints were revealed from it digging into my skin, nearly forming blood clots. He took the chain from off my neck and wrapped it around his cock, as if locking it in a cage.
We got dressed and started hitchhiking again. It was a longer wait than usual. We passed the time by dancing in the road, flashing my tits to truck drivers (almost causing them to crash) and Voodoo swinging my trekking poles around as if he was practicing martial arts.
Watching the way his fingers moved as he flipped my trekking poles made me fantasize about him playing with my clit again. So, I sat on the guardrail and spread my legs open for him so he could watch me play with myself. He got turned on and helped me out by removing my shorts. Then, he got on his knees as he spread my pussy lips open with his tongue. I tilted my head back and moaned, pushing his face deeper into my cunt. No one compared to the way he felt and got me off.
However it was only a tease, because a car drove by and nearly caught us. It was just in time for me to slip my shorts back on. Shortly after, a plumbing company van pulled over and said he could drive us to Duncannon, as long as we hopped in the back. So, we did!
There were a plethora of expensive tools and a metal grate blocked us off from the driver. We had a conversation with him about the trail and typical small talk. Voodoo started pulling my pants down to eat me out again.
“Baby, I’m too sore to fuck,” I whispered.
“We don’t have to fuck,” he said, “I just want to taste you.”
Just seconds of experiencing his tongue back on my body, I quickly changed my mind.
“Fuck me,” I said.
He laid me down on the ground and slid himself in. The driver kept trying to have a conversation with us, as he noticed we casually drifted away from speaking.
We were answering him like, “Yeah, we’re cool with stopping at the post office,” as Voodoo’s cock was balls deep inside of me.
*long silence*
“You guys okay back there?” the driver asked.
“Ohhh yeahhh,” I replied with a giggle.
We arrived at an intersection. There, he fucked me nice and deep. The driver turned and started pulling up to the post office.
“Okay, guys we’re at the post office,” he said as he was coming to a stop.
Voodoo pulled out and came all over my shirt. The most perfect timing. I tried to hide the droplets of cum on my shirt when we hopped out of the vehicle. The driver came around the corner to shake our hands. All I could think about was how Voodoo’s cum covered cock was in my hand just seconds ago. I had to turn around in order to hide my face from turning red. I looked over at Voodoo, both of us on the verge of breaking out in laughter. Voodoo gave him a handshake, too, and both of us let out a smirk that suggested we did something very, very bad.
As we were walking away, Voodoo says, “He probably thought we were stealing his tools.”
We started walking back and made a pit stop for some ice cream. We licked ice cream from the same cone and I thought about how sexy he looked with his tongue displayed for me. It reminded me of the way he looked when he ate me out in the same fashion.
When it got dark, we went behind the church to go play. We found a patch of grass under a tree and deemed it to be the perfect spot. He kissed me and started to degrade me, saying how I didn’t deserve anything because I was only a whore to him. I expressed sadness in my eyes.
“Awe, did I hurt your feelings?” he asked, “mm, that’s sweet. You’re just so delicate.”
He put his cock in my mouth and began pissing in it. I gulped down what felt like 20 mouthfuls of piss. I wasn’t even thirsty and I couldn’t take anymore, so I spat the last one out to which he grew livid.
“Don’t you EVER spit out my piss!” he shouted, “that makes me think you don’t like it.”
“No, baby! I love it! I just couldn’t drink anymore,” I said, in hopes he wouldn’t punish me for disappointing him.
“You’re fucking disgusting. Look at yourself,” he said, “you’re lying on the ground covered in dirt like a piece of fucking dirty trash.”
He shoved his cock into my pussy and put me down further.
“How does it feel to be rejected?” he asked as he spat on my face and condemned, “so pitiful.”
“It hurts,” I said.
“Oh, are you not warmed up enough?” he asked, “I just didn’t feel like touching you anymore.”
He had me fully pinned down as he was penetrating me when Whitman and his girl walked by!
I laughed and said, “Oh my god! How many people have seen your dick by now?!”
Whitman joked, “Right by our tent, too. What the fuck guys!”
Voodoo looked at me and yelled, “RUN!”
We went to go finish off somewhere else. We walked around for a good mile looking for a spot with no luck. During our walk, some hikers suggested we go to the local strip club for some fun. I felt such a huge jab in that moment. I felt triggered that people would even suggest that, seeing that I was with Voodoo. It seemed to happen often in my experience where people would see me as this sex fiend and assume that I was super open to other women, when it was actually the complete opposite for me.
Voodoo took me to the river right after that and I just couldn’t shake off the sadness. I guess I could just feel energetically that Voodoo would have been the type of guy to go to a strip club if I wasn’t in his general vicinity. I looked at the horizon of lights that reflected upon the water and I saw just one firefly that lit up in the distance. I was brought back to my childhood as I thought about God.
I thought of how much I missed my Self. I missed that short lived sense of innocence before I even knew what sex was. I recalled that God was with me and that it was okay to cry, but that I didn’t have to because He was all ways with me. Still, I felt really sad. All of a sudden, I didn’t want to have sex anymore, whereas just a couple of minutes ago I was desperate for it.
When I looked at the ripples, I remembered that I didn’t owe my body to anyone. It wasn’t even about Voodoo; it was about all my lovers and my future lovers to come. I desired to move beyond the sexual/physical realm and to just be in complete union with God. But there seemed to be a double persona within me. There was a deep desire to be apparently sinful and out of Spirit in trade for a minuscule feeling of a short lived physical orgasm.
Then, Voodoo snapped his finger at me and I snapped out of that voice of reason and got on my knees for him until his cock grew hard in my mouth. He placed me on top of a log and fucked me so hard that I ceased to forget what was on my mind just moments ago.
Afterwards, I told him I wanted him to finish me off in the room full of people under our sleeping bags. That was always my favorite, when there were a lot of people around. However, when we got back there, he layed down and seemed to forget about me. He pulled out his phone and said he was going to listen to some music before he went to bed. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my pussy.
He goes, “Oh yeah,” and then said, “let me grab my headphones first so I can listen to music while I do it.”
That just made me get really into my head and I spiraled down some thoughts. I felt there was a huge disconnect.
Didn’t he want to please me? Didn’t he want to listen to my moans?
I also didn’t feel I wanted it anymore, especially since I had to remind him. I went into the fetal position and cried. Right there was the lesson for me and where the healing was for me to see. I had been feeling inspired to practice feminine communication lately, so I communicated my feelings from as vulnerable of a spot as I could.
“I feel like you forgot about me,” I said.
He held me close and said that made him feel so shitty that I would ever even have to feel that. He said it wasn’t intentional and that he just had a moment of distraction. I tried to receive his words, but my heart felt punctured. All I could think about was how much I loved to spoil him with my lips, pussy and everything in between and I hated to feel as if I had to remind him that I wanted him to connect with me in the same way.