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June 15 2023, Church of the Mountain Hiker Center to Culvers Gap:
Voodoo started to make some coffee first thing in the morning and I felt like escaping his grip for a moment. I had my hair in a ponytail for the first time on trail and a tight fitted biker shirt, so I decided to go on a walk and maybe run into the cute hiker named Mountain Goat. I really wanted to flirt lightly with someone new and get that tingly sensation in my yoni. I knew he had camped in the gazebo right beside the church, so I decided to go over there and say hello, maybe even let him sneak a peek at my nipples through my tight shirt.
I felt my phone buzzing several times in my fanny pack; I knew it was Voodoo. He called twice, so I knew he would be looking for me soon. I said my goodbyes to Mountain Goat and went back on the sidewalk. I called him back to let him know I was going on a walk.
“I see you,” he said.
I saw him in the distance a block away from me, perched down and smoking a cigarette.
“You’re like an animal lurking,” I joked.
I told him I wanted to be alone and go on a walk by myself and it turned into a big thing. It felt so nice to escape, but it only lasted a few minutes before he came running back to my side. I told him it would drive me away from him and make me go crazy if he didn’t give me freedom to move as I pleased. He didn’t understand why I couldn’t just express that to him in the first place and I brought up how I had multiple times, but it seemed he never let me or he would just ignore the fact that I needed solitude time, often.
We crossed the border into New Jersey, then decided to road walk up to Branchville. We looked at dead stuff on the side of the road, such as moles, copperhead snakes, possums and frogs. However, we did see live animals as well, such as, deer, dragonflies, swans, horses, geese and newts.
At the end of the day, we got picked up by my Dad‘s employee, Ray, and planned on spending several nights at his place while taking advantage of slack-packing throughout the NJ section of the AT.
During the car ride, I called my mom to tell her I was with her friend, Ray. She asked if I was going to their place alone to which I said no and that I was bringing a friend.
In Lithuanian, she responded to what basically translated as, “Are you fucking kidding me? You are bringing a strange man to their home? Do not bring shame to our family, Goda.”
Ray and I looked back at Voodoo and expressed through our facial expressions that Mom was not happy.
Once we made it to his house, we stripped our clothing and took a quick shower. Then, Ray took us out to eat at a local restaurant while we caught up about our family life and work.