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(X-rated) June 17 2023, County Rd 519 to NJ Route 94:
Ray dropped us off at the trail, then Voodoo and I headed NOBO. As soon as we started walking, I realized I had to poop, so he walked me to a poop spot. I loved when he did that; he would find a spot in the woods that was ideal for me and would kick out a patch, making sure there were no branches or spiderwebs in the vicinity. Then, he would act like a guard, keeping an eye out for other hikers.
Today, there seemed to be more rolling hills with meadows and small ponds, along with fresh dew amongst the trail, leaving our feet soggy as we collected the droplets with each stroke of step. We discovered a lot of newts and deer along the way, attempting to get them to come closer to us with sweet talk and gentle energy.
We decided to take a break on a bench beside a large pond. Voodoo pulled out the ropes and camera since he said I had been acting up the past few days.
He took it and wrapped it around my waist, up over my shoulders, behind my back, altogether tying it tight in front of my sternum. Then, he pulled the rope underneath my breasts, outlining the shape of them, forming what looked like a corset upon down my torso. He made me clasp my hands behind my back as he tied the rope down my forearms, locking them together and finishing with what mimicked escape proof handcuffs.
Then, he pulled me down into his lap, moving me around as if I was his little sex doll. He unzipped my shirt and opened it to expose my cleavage. He turned me around so that my back was facing the camera, then bent me over and pulled my shorts up my ass crack to reveal my cheeks.
He laid me down on his lap and, unable to escape from his strength, he started to spank me hard. Over and over and over again until my eyes welled up with tears as I kicked my legs up and down in a tantrum. He was so aggressive and strong, that no amount of begging or pleading would stop him. In fact, he told me how much he loved that I squirmed when he was slapping the shit out of me.
“That shit turns me on,” he says, “seeing how weak you are, thinking you can stop me even though you’re all tied up.”
He pushed me back up to my feet and began to rub my pussy over my shorts. His dick grew rock hard, then he sat me down and shoved his cock down my throat. He placed his hand on the back of my head, pushing it in deeper as he began face fucking me hard.
He took my shorts and panties off, then grabbed the rope on my sternum as he pulled me close and began to finger me… kissing me softly while doing so. He jumped on the bench as he throat fucked me some more, getting his cock lubricated with my saliva. Then, he pulled me to the edge of the bench and slipped his cock in, fucking me nice and deep. Both of us were attempting to keep an eye out for people, but kept getting lost in each others lust filled eyes. We only got a couple of minutes in before some people started making their way down the path, so we ran into the bushes so he could untie me. We quickly discovered it was actually a very popular area, we just didn’t see many people right away because it was still pretty early in the day.
After we were done hiking, Ray picked us up and took us out to eat.
I asked him what made a healthy marriage for them and he said, “Splitting everything 50/50.”
That was the first time I heard that; normally I was told “honest and open communication.” I noticed I got defensive because Voodoo was agreeing with him. I said how to me it would be a huge turn off and a deal breaker in a relationship. I was always the sugar momma in my past relationships and I promised myself I would never do that anymore. It was no longer attractive to me to be working my ass off while the men I dated would be at home playing video games and jerking off. I expressed how I felt safety and protection when a guy financially provided for me. It took so much weight off my mind and I felt I would actually be able to connect with my man much more without the energy of resentment underlying the thoughts passing through my mind.
“I guess I was just raised to think that way,” I said.
Ray goes, “That’s a good excuse.”
“Yes, in a sense it is,” I said, “but also, it’s just what I prefer. I feel very emotionally and physically turned off when a man wants to split things with me. I know I have the ability and the money to take care of myself and be independent, it’s not a problem, but it goes completely against my instinct to pay for him and/or split bills.”
Sometimes, I felt alone in my way of thinking, but then I remembered that it was simply where I felt inspired. I also noticed a pattern with myself that whenever I got triggered with Voodoo, I would just say “okay”, in a tone that suggested I didn’t want to talk about it anymore. I would want to drop it and just forget about it, giving up any way of seeing through it.
He would really push me to help me see and understand that ignoring the problem rather than taking a few minutes to work it out wouldn’t solve anything. Instead, we would both just feel upset all day instead of taking the time to work through it. He reminded me that we were a team and that he desired me to work with him rather than against him. He had been helping me see things a lot differently. In moments like that, I started to think he was actually capable of handling things like a man and treating me like a woman. I loved when he strived to work through these patterns with me and handled me with so much care and patience, trusting that it would all come together in my mind.
When we made it back to Ray’s, Voodoo and I laid down in their lawn chairs beside the pool and knocked out. Both of us woke up with drool dripping from out of the corners of our mouth. Shortly after, we had BBQ with Ray’s family. They invited a bunch of people over and I felt overwhelmed all of a sudden. I went quiet and retracted, as I normally did in large groups, or if I didn’t feel the conversations were interesting to me.
I overheard Ray whisper to Voodoo, “Is she okay?”
I noticed I had been starting to disassociate more often. I had been feeling less present in my experience around me. I didn’t feel as happy anymore and I was so tempted to blame Voodoo for it.
If only he loved me enough.
If only he gave me more attention.
If only he showed me he cared through his apparent actions.
The thing was, I had a hard time admitting to myself that I was part of the problem and that it was not an actual possibility for me to be a victim in the situation, nor would it even make sense. He had shown me numerous things from day one that let me know he wasn’t the guy for me, yet I kept coming back around. I kept my mouth and desires shut, all in trade for the way he fucked me so good. I felt he knew he had that against me and was even using it to his advantage.
Yet, as I took a step back, I realized that not even the best sex in the world was worth it if the rest of the day I felt like complete shit/energetically drained. I was looking for my Self in the wrong places and then feeling like a confused little child who lost my way.