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(X-rated) June 22 2023, Trailside Zoo to Hosner Mountain Road:
As Voodoo was packing up the tent, I perched myself up on a rock and spread my legs open so he could watch me pee. Just like me, he got off on golden play. I felt so blessed that we both experimented with piss so often and that I had a lover to whom I could submit to so naturally.
As we got going, we visited the zoo which happened to be part of the AT. I got sucked in for half an hour by watching a porcupine waddle around. I absolutely adored chubby/fat looking animals. Then, we saw bobcats, snakes, bears, birds and reptiles of all sorts.
We walked across the bridge and decided to road walk. We decided to take a detour and hike the Empire State Trail. It looked like a fun side trail that was sort of close to the AT and ended up meeting back up with the trail in 8 or so miles.
It was close to night time once we got to the Hosner Mountain Road. We decided to road walk a few miles to get to the trailhead, but the second we got on the road, a car pulled over with a driver who happened to be a former 1999 AT thru-hiker.
We told him of our plan and he said he would drop us off at the trail so we wouldn’t have to road walk four miles. But first, he stopped in town so we could fill up on water and get a slice of pizza, however we decided not to get anything since we still had a bunch of our own food. He seemed really offended that we didn’t get a slice of pizza after he claimed it was the best of the best.
He dropped us off at the trailhead and we walked several miles. It was super chill and a flat paved trail. We said hi to people passing by as we ate a rod of salami. We hoped we would find a stealth site since it was getting dark fast, however we had no luck. There were only private home properties and then a prison property that took up several acres of land.
Eventually, we decided to just cowboy camp underneath a bridge, which I honestly didn’t want to do. I wasn’t much into camping under bridges. I only did it because he wanted to, but it was a very short lived experience because we got attacked by mosquitos. So, he reluctantly went to set up the tent in the meadow.
I felt that air of sadness come up before going to bed, as if something was missing or out of place. I didn’t understand why I was hurting so much in my mind. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just be happy with the perception of another man in my presence for so long.
I looked out of our tent at the crescent moon and I thought to myself, I just want to have a moment to talk to God right now.
And then right at that moment, a shooting star flew right beneath the moon and I knew everything was going to be okay.