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(X-rated) June 26-27 2023, Benedict Pond to Kay Wood Shelter:
We got awoken by a couple of forest rangers first thing in the morning. We technically weren’t allowed to camp there, but when they saw we were AT hikers, they had no problem with it. A squirrel had stolen Voodoo’s gallon ziploc of mixed nuts overnight, so he went to collect the damage. Then, we packed up, Voodoo smoked his early morning cigarette, danced to some 80s music and we got going.
Along our walk today, we saw a porcupine! I followed it into the bushes because it looked so cute and fluffy. About a minute after that we saw a big black bear running through the marshy terrain! That was the first time we both had spotted one on the trail.
We made it to October Mountain Shelter, then fucked secretly. We got blood everywhere as he suctioned it out of my pussy with the head of his cock. Then, he stamped his bloody handprint on the wooden boards above us.
The next morning, he fucked me again and somehow his dick got even more bloody in comparison to last night. His body was covered in red hues. His pubic hair had soaked everything up, his balls were painted red along with his entire shaft and inner thighs. His hand was also bloody because he jerked his cock as he was cumming on me. It turned me on so much to see all the blood. It felt like a work of art made by our own design.
Around noon, we went to visit the Cookie Lady, who provided free chocolate chip cookies for thru-hikers. Her place was right off the side of the road. So, we hung out there for a minute as we charged up our batteries and refilled our water bottles, waiting for the rain to die out.
It never did, so we said we were going to road walk to get some pizza, but last second decided to just hike the trail. On our way out, I saw Tacos with her man so we gave each other a hug and momentarily caught up.
The moment Voodoo and I stepped foot on the trail, our feet got drenched with watery muck. We figured it was inevitable to keep our feet dry and our shoes clean, so we went all in with the fun. We hopped through mud puddles and got our legs splattered with dirt, then washed everything off in the stream crossings and did it all over again. We fell numerous times along the trail, losing our foot grip on the terrain. It was a slippery and wet day to say the least.
We made it to Kay Wood Shelter and laid out our mats to half ass dry. I watched as Voodoo tagged his name on the shelter floor using a mirror marker. Upon going to bed, I desired to play again, but it seemed Voodoo was extremely tired and wanted to sleep. My body craved him deeply and he didn’t seem to even want to cuddle. His back was turned towards me as he laid in the fetal position. I perceived his energy as distant and so I seemed to shut off, myself. I masturbated twice beside him and still craved him. I felt I needed extra love and attention during such a sacred time on my cycle. I had communicated that earlier and it still seemed to go unheard and completely unnoticed.
There was a deep pattern of wanting to be desired and seen, without having to ask. I craved gentleness and loving affection so much and I kept mistakenly looking at Voodoo to give it to me. I was so hung up on how well he pleasured me in bed and during foreplay that I seemed to trick my mind into thinking he didn’t love me if he didn’t provide the same caring gestures outside of the bedroom.