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(X-rated) June 30 2023, Wilbur Clearing Shelter to MA/VT State Border:
We decided to go into North Adams and get some food. While there, one of my online friends, and former thru-hiker, Lorax, was hoping for a random run into me on trail, but looked like it wasn’t in the cards for him.
“Well, where are you now?” I asked.
“North Adams,” he said.
“I’m in North Adams!” I said.
I wasn’t even surprised. Well, I mean, I was, but overall, synchronicities were a common theme in the thru-hiking world.
I invited him to join us at the restaurant. He quickly showed up and had himself a beer. Him and Voodoo actually got along better than we did! Turned out he knew my friend Hope Johnson and even went to some of her Wisdom Dialogues events in Hawaii.
Voodoo asked him, “So, tell me. Is she like a cult leader? Because that’s what it seems like.”
Lorax nodded and confirmed, “Yeah, she’s just too ‘out there’ and doesn’t take real topics seriously.”
I butted in and said, “No, she shares her stuff free of charge and doesn’t have a super big following,” I got really defensive over my friend and continued, “she really changed my life and helped me through some intense things I was going through. If it weren’t for her, I really don’t know where I’d be right now.”
They both dropped it after that, but I still felt as if I was alone in my thinking. I felt upset because I had this story of how I had personally known Hope for years and knew the way she was. I felt there was a huge sense that I needed to change their perception of her because it felt like they were just making fun of someone who was very dear and close to my heart.
But then I thought back to what Hope had recently said, “Why does it matter to have people like you? Why is it important for someone who’s not even out there to have a perception of you that you want them to have? That’s not what the purpose of the illusion is, nor is receiving the perception that someone likes you what you really want.”
Right then, I relaxed and remembered I didn’t need to defend anyone or any belief system I seemed to hold. I could just drop it. I also realized that Hope would be laughing her ass off and in a state of appreciation if she was in the same situation. Once I let it go, I was able to connect back to the people in front of me.
Lorax and I bonded over trail talk, then shortly after, we decided to part ways so we could get back on trail. He was headed west to Montana for his CDT SOBO attempt. I was so happy for him while simultaneously a bit jealous, wishing I could come with. I craved the views and energy of the west. I longed for the open fields and vast mountain ranges as my stopping points for the night. For now, I would be settling for the green tunnel again.
Voodoo and I started hitching. The guy who stopped to give us a ride was clearly on meth. I whispered to Voodoo, letting him know I didn’t feel comfortable getting in the car, but still, we did. I figured it would be fine if Voodoo was with me. The guy wanted me to sit up front, but Voodoo said “no” and hopped in the passenger seat.
If anything, the guy seemed more nervous that he had hitchhikers in his car, but still the vibe felt off. He seemed really sporadic and intense, his apparent actions and the way she spoke seemed fast moving.
He drove us to the bridge which happened to be closed and yelled, “Fucking sluts!”
Then, he quickly turned his car around and drove us back a different way. I laughed so hard. We got to the trail perfectly fine and it wasn’t a big deal in the end, other than some stomach churning from the driving.
Voodoo and I started our ascent and took a sex break mid climb. Voodoo was very hesitant since it was right beside the trail and he wouldn’t be able to see people coming since we were on a curve. I told him it was fine and started to warm him up with my mouth. Always ready for him, I slipped his cock in and took him in, moaning softly to the rhythm of his thrusts.
Next thing we hear is a guy yelling, “Oo! Voodoo is getting it DOWN on the trail!”
“Fuck,” Voodoo yelled as he pulled his shorts back up and said, “I knew this was going to happen!”
All the while, I was really turned on that we finally got caught by someone in broad daylight. That was my secret wish. The guy who saw us joked that there was a fresh, first time thru-hiker right behind him who probably would have been traumatized if he saw us fucking his first day being on the trail.
We connected to the Vermont Long Trail and, as it was notoriously stated, as soon as we entered into the state, the path turned to mud. There was no point in trying to keep our feet clean, let alone dry. I couldn’t believe it, but I actually preferred to hike in the snow versus this shit.
One of my goals this summer was to catch a frog in a puddle. I really wanted it to be a bullfrog, but beggars couldn’t be choosers. I played around catching and releasing him for a while, but he quickly seemed over my shit and just wanted to bathe in the water without interruption, so I let him be.
We stealth camped near a small stream just past the border. While in our tent, I seduced him, or more-so, I felt seduced by his cock between those delicious legs. And I knew he would always take such good care of me sexually… that is, if I asked nicely.
He slipped himself in and fucked me so good. I was losing myself in him and he knew it. I hated that I could never say no to him. I was giving him my heart through the perception of my body, allowing him into my being just for the moment.
He came all over me, then told me to suck every drop of cum out of him. I was always excited to taste any leftover juices he had for me. He shoved my throat down his shaft as I suctioned his tip with my mouth, slurping up every drop.
“Turn around,” he demanded as he pulled me up by my hair.
Then, he bent me over doggy style and aggressively shoved his cock into my pussy. He pushed my torso further into the flooring of the tent and fucked me hard for 20 more seconds before he came on me again! That cumshot was even bigger than the first. I felt extra spoiled that I got a double load in such a short amount of time.
I pushed my cum covered ass into him, moaning, “Mmmm, baby. You’re so fucking good to me,” then gave him a kiss on the cheek.