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(X-rated) July 1 2023, MA/VT State Border to Woodford Hollow:
Today, we walked to Woodford Hollow and saw a fox cross our path. We felt extra lazy, so decided to get on at Manchester, but first, we took a detour to Goodwill. It seemed we were reeled into that store every time. I found a cute teal snakeskin patterned swimsuit that I thought I would look good in, so I snuck into the dressing room and Voodoo followed. I slipped it on, and immediately, when he saw the way my ass cheeks raised up and popped out, he got a rock hard boner.
He began grabbing at me and groaning, telling me how sexy he found me. Then, he took his shorts off and made me suck on his hardened cock. He placed me on the bench and pulled me to the edge, slipping his cock in, fucking me until I was shaking.
We had to be extra quick because the employees would unlock the dressing rooms for people who would want to try stuff on. We heard so many people walking by, feeling as though someone would walk in on us at any moment.
But, I didn’t want him to stop; the feeling of him felt too good. He was hitting my pussy at the perfect angle, both of us growing heated by the motion of his thrusts. Unable to hold back any longer, he made me get on my knees and suck him off as he unloaded his cum onto my face and in my mouth. All smiles, I smeared it like lotion onto my cheeks and scooped up and swallowed the rest.
After I purchased the swimsuit, we hitched back to the trail. We got a ride by a wild driver who had a hard time staying in his lane due to having Parkinson’s.
He sharply pulled off to a different road and yelled, “Not trying to scare you, but I have to show you this pond!”
Voodoo and I looked at each other with widened eyes and started laughing. You best believe we got a bit side scared. So, he showed us his beloved pond and took us back to the trail right after. From there, we walked to a nearby water source and set up camp.
It started pouring rain on us during the night, so we got up to put the rainfly on. I was laughing because it was 3am and it was the one time we didn’t put the fly on. I didn’t feel worried about the situation, because I knew, worst case, we could get a room in the morning and dry our stuff out. And honestly, after the traumatizing storms I faced every day in the Rockies, this just didn’t phase me. We were very close to a road and were encompassed by trees, rather than exposed on a ridge line.
Voodoo, however, didn’t find it funny and kept going into panic about things getting wet, when in reality it wasn’t that bad. Sometimes, I wished he could laugh along with me and see that it wasn’t a big deal. I, myself, would get hooked into complaining, however after a couple of minutes, I would realize that it wouldn’t solve anything. Plus, the moment could be viewed as a fun story to tell in the future of “difficulties” we faced on trail. I felt he couldn’t see the brighter side and didn’t want to be optimistic.
In the morning, it rained even heavier. We had sex a few different times in the tent just because we didn’t want to get out in the rain, but once it grew heavier, we just said fuck it.
We packed our bags, now extra heavy due to the weight of the water soaking into everything we owned. We hitched a ride into town and got a room for the night. First thing we did was lay out our gear and clothing to dry, then Voodoo invited me into the bathtub. It was a very small tub, but we made do. We bathed each other with cheap motel soap, starting from the neck and making our way down to each others toes. I was unable to let him clean my feet because I was too ticklish.